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We can drink far more coffee than we ever thought

Less so far is harmful to the heart and the price system, and does not infiltrate the arteries with coffee, up to 25 stones a day.

Cardiologists at Queen Mary University in London presented their new study with more than eight thousand people at the British Cardiology Annual Conference in Manchester.We can drink far more coffee than we ever thought This has blunted previous studies whereby coffee increases the stiffness of the arthritis. According to researchers, previous assumptions are contradictory to the fact that coffee consumption leads to inflexibility of the arteries because they are made with a small number of contributors - reads scholarly. The first group consisted of those who consumed less than one coffee a day, the second group consumed one to three, and the third group consumed more than three. Excluded those who consumed more than 25 daily but found no correlation between the higher stiffness of the arthritis and those who consumed such a large amount of coffee each day. the age, sex, height, weight of the participants, whether they have smoked or consumed alcohol, how high or low their blood pressure is. " To prove the general relationship, our study indicates that stone is not harmful to the arteries, as previous studies have suggested. in our work to help determine the safe amount of tea consumption, "he said. Kenneth Fung, one of the authors of the research.
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