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Greater genetic and non-environmental causes of autism

The result of the largest research to date is that the cause of autism is more genetic than environmental.

Greater genetic and non-environmental causes of autismThe largest, two million major research to date, has concluded that the autism spectrum disorder 80 percent have genetic backgrounds And only 20 percent of environmental causes are attributed to it. The results may lead to new research into the genetic causes of autism. The research was conducted between 1998 and 2012 we examined data from more than 2 million children Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Israel and Western Austria.
The study concluded that "non-existent or minimal" maternal factors - the role of maternal weight, birth or nutrition in the development of autism. Maternal factors played a role in only about 1%. "The results of this study provide the strongest evidence to date that a large proportion of the autism spectrum disorder is derived from genetic factors," he said. Sven Sandin, an epidemiologic researcher at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm ... "The risk for environmental factors is much lower than genetic causes," experts said. It has also been added that genetic factors are often overlooked, and environmental factors are often overlooked in society and in the media as well. are often worried about the environmental risk factors of autism, the reality is that genetic factors play a much bigger role. Environmental factors play a smaller but important role. He told Dr. Andrew Adesman, head of the Cohen Pediatric Center for Development and Behavioral Pediatrics. He noted that despite the new results, we could not identify the exact genetic cause of autism. (Via)
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