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The latest Palmer's products have arrived! (X)

In light of the success so far, the Bonita team has decided to expand the wide range of baby and mother-in-law items with few successes.

Previously highly successful cocoa butter body poles are now available in an odorless and flavourful variant. Those who do not like the scent of cocoa butter can now enjoy all the benefits of body lotion in an odorless form. And the factor publisher can only bring benefits to everyone. It nourishes and softens the skin, leaving you exposed to the sun's rays throughout the year. They also do not need to use sunblock for those who are in the sun, but not specifically for sunbathing. Equipped with Alpha / Beta Hydroxy and Shea Butter, the skin is radiant at the same time, leaving it smooth and soft. It's easy to say she's the king of body poles.
Here are the new lip poles, in chocolate-cherry and chocolate-peppermint variants. Both of them look silky silky, while nourishing the peeling, dry skin. They are slightly flushed and light to the mouth. Peppermint also provides a ton of fresh breath. The extremely successful travel stick, which is a concentrated pocket version of the body poles, is now available with a factor of 30.
After the body massage against stretch marks, here is the concentrated version of the massage cream. Tube version is twice as thick, easy to lubricate, quick to absorb and silky in texture. It is easier to take the Fast with us. And last but not least: the bronze body polish. All of our favorites, many English magazines, have voted this year's product. Gentle soft and silky to the skin while applying even tan to your body in just a few days. It guarantees healthy brown skin all year round, makes it all-summer, polish, hydrated and attractive.
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