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Family holiday in 2018

The family tax credit is a child-dependent benefit that reduces the tax base of the income of the family (thus, the gross gross income).

Family holiday in 2018Eligible persons can claim the benefit on a monthly basis for dependents.
If the benefit cannot be fully deducted from the consolidated tax base, the remainder of the contributions (health insurance and pension) can also be deducted.

In the case of two dependents, the amount increases

In 2018, the monthly amount of one, three, or more redeemable allowance will not change, so One child is entitled to a discount of HUF 66,670, and a discount of HUF 220,000 for 3 (and more) children. but in case of two dependents this is $ 100,000 It rises to HUF 116,670, so the amount of tax payable per month is deducted on the number of recipients. your interest in the Live. The child placed in temporary care may also be eligible for the family allowance.

Who is eligible for the discount?

You can qualify for the Family Benefit:
- the person entitled to the family party and his / her spouse living with him / her,
- the pregnant woman and the spouse living with him or her, and the family member of the child,
- a child (person) entitled to a family bar,
- a person with disabilities is not eligible for the family allowance. the administrator of the Correctional Institution or the Penitentiary Institution Commander with respect to a child who is raised in a Correctional Institution, or is in a penitentiary institution, and is in the care of a child.

Who can be considered as a dependent dependent?

A descendant is the child (person) with whom the baby is being conceived, the fetus is conceived (conceived from day 91 until the birth), the child.

Who can be considered dependent?

Dependent Dependent, as well as those who have a family history of losing money, may or may not consider the benefit of the family the number of family members is not affected by the number of children. Family allowances, such as family allowances, extend until the end of compulsory schooling, but if the child is still in public education, he or she is entitled to 20 years of special education and up to 23 years of age.

How do I get the amount of family tax breaks?

When determining the Family Benefit, we examine whether the eligible family member is a eligible child and may be considered for the purposes of determining the amount of the Family Benefit. Family benefits can only be claimed after the child with whom the person liable for payment of the tax is entitled - even if you do not actually pay for the benefit - but children are raised and parents are entitled to family allowances after one child, given that two larger children are college students, in this case the family with three children is reduced to , based on this, the family pays $ 33,000 less in taxes. One child is entitled to a discounted rate of HUF 10,000 per child, HUF 17,500 for two children, and HUF 33,000 for three children. To make it easier for you to calculate the amount that is good for you, you may want to use the NAV Family Benefit Calculator.

How to get the discount?

The Family Benefit Validation Requirement is a written statement from a taxpayer who is required to file a tax return or employer's tax return, which may need to be reported at the beginning of the year. There is also the possibility of a family discount: if you have a legal decision, your parents will have 50 The parent (spouse) is entitled to the benefit of 50 percent of the family benefit for the foster child after the child being taken care of, and the child is also entitled to If the family tax benefit has not been validated for a month or even for the full year, you will be able to do so in the next tax return and in one sum (Article source).Related articles on Family Benefits:
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