Markhot Ferenc Kуrhбz, Eger

The Eighty-Fifty Years of the Birth Department of Markhot Ferenc Kurzhaz of Eger helped in the birth of New Life. The past decades, just like everywhere in the world, have brought enormous changes to the practice of birth. Let's get started in April 2010.

Dr. Hernbadi Laszlo
Photo: Rbtka Йva

- In our department we strive to implement family friendly care in all areas - begins dr. Laszlo Hernaby, chief physician of the Department of Birth and Birth. - I have been working as a obstetrician for twenty-eight years, and we have formulated about fifteen years for a local follow-up to baby-friendly hospital principles. This year we have applied for the title. We traditionally call for a natural childbirth, taking advantage of the opportunities provided by the hospital background.
We perform cesarean section only on strict medical grounds. Anyone who "orders" cesarean is usually sent to me. After talking, it is generally accepted that mother and baby are much better off without having surgery. There is no obstacle to a programmed birth, there are no security benefits, but there are also strict professional rules that we adhere to - we know from the Archbishop of Hernad. The department is equipped with all the tools needed for safe perception and birth. Injuries requiring hospital care are placed in the maternity ward. The proximity of the living room is very safe.
After being admitted to the hospital, the mother goes to the maternity unit, where she is examined and the necessary preparation is done. The dressing, shaving is optional, and if a parent wants to give birth to a baby, it is also taken into consideration. Of course, within the boundaries of composition! In the living room there is a ball, it is possible to walk, but it can only be born on the child's bed. Because the anesthetist in the hospital carries out spinal anesthesia, this is not always possible. Instead, they relieve the pain with the help of kayaks or injections. The baby can be sold by a relative who can be with her for the rest of her life.

Stephen Eperjesi could go home tomorrow,
but he was still with his mother
Photo: Rbtka Йva

After childbirth, the baby is immediately breastfeeded and from then on, everything is done to help the health of the breastfeeding.
The baby and the mother spent two hours in the nursing home, during which time the baby is examined by the pediatrician. If all is well, they will be placed in a baby-mama room. The mother takes care of the newborn and can breastfeed as needed. The day is full of newborns and polishes. Self-help and breastfeeding advice can help you learn the right formula for breastfeeding.Facts, figures
  • Number of births in 2009: 1471
  • Ratio of cuttings: 23 percent
  • The parents are expecting a single and a quadruple room that can be converted into a comfortable room.
  • The father may not be present in the cup, but he can follow the events from the window.
  • The mother is let go home about four days after a smooth birth.
  • The cot has 23 beds, most of them in quadruple rooms.
  • After cesarean delivery, the mother is placed in a baby-sitting facility.
  • In this class you can request a special care room with a rent of 7500-15 000 HUF / day.
  • All mothers are provided with 24 ounces rooming-in accommodation.
  • You can only visit the guest room.
  • You can choose a baby.