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This is how his equilibrium develops

The equilibrium is the fetal body that develops advanced, mature, and functional.

From the moment of birth, the body located inside the body senses stimuli: brain power, location, positioning and movement. The brain also processes information sent by other sensory organs to determine posture: sight, tactile and muscular stimuli are all linked together. Turning on the belly of a few weeks old raises the head for a few minutes and then falls back, leaning on its forearms for a few months. you get scared if your heavy head takes it away And his back turns unexpectedly. Researchers have found that children with advanced equilibrium are also advanced in other mental areas, as well as balanced and happy because these neurons are ringing in the brain.

Rocking is a great job, and it is also useful

Rocking, rocking, carrying, knocking games can not only enjoy the little ones, but also stimulate development. It is also important that you have free play We can feel our bodies on the floor, on the grass, on the floor, in the open space. They may also be interested in:
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