That way you can get a tax card for your kid

You will need the Family Benefit Discount to validate.

You know at least the first time There is no fee to apply for a taxwhich is important to take care of because the family tax benefit can only be applied for after the children who have the tax. If you do not know this rule, you are not in trouble, as it is only from January 1, 2016. if there is anything else you need to do to make your card, we'll describe how you can do it.You can apply for a tax card on Form 15T34, which can be obtained from the NAV customer service (you can find it here) or from nav.gov.com. The form must be sent to the Office in 2 copies, signed and completed.The issue of an effective ID card is free of charge even if the data on the previously issued certificate has changed, or if it is of course, have it in your deed of residence must be reported, so NAV also does not pay for the change. There is an administration fee (currently $ 3,000) if someone lost their tax ID, or stolen, damaged, or damaged documents. Until arrival, NAV has issued a Certificate of Identity, which is valid until receipt of the card.Related Articles:
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