Cindy Crawford doesn't run a marathon, she's home - at home!

In the United States, less than a percent of newborns come home to the world. If, on the other hand, American actresses, models, and celebrities look at this rate, you will probably get a higher number.

At the turn of the millennium, the home of the family became almost fashionable, though there were many celebrities who had been the names of Meryl Streep, Pamela Anderson, Kelly Preston, Demi Moore, Cindy Crawford, Ricki Lake and Meryl Streep. Hannigan.
Ricki Lake's talk show hostess and actress was so captivating and home-grown that she starred in a film about the business of being with director Abby Epstein. The film, which premiered in cinemas in 2007, criticizes a hospital practice in America that has the second worst rate of birth control among advanced nations. According to WHO 2011 data, 40 countries worldwide are ahead of the United States in terms of mortality for children younger than 4 weeks.
. Cindy Crawford also tells the story of her first home birth in 1999, when Presley's son was born, and the world has picked up the story again as Ricki Lake's new DVD ("More business of being born") is released. Cindy Crawford tells me in the movie that she first heard about the possibilities outside the hospital during a New York City birthing class, and thought she would go to the hospital. After thoroughly exploring, he was so convinced that he had decided that he would remain at home in the veil of as much as possible. Boba has completed up to 17 owls in need and the birth of a little son. Previous yogis have prepared how to give in to the waves of concussions and how to focus on your body. It felt like she was beautiful, balanced, calm, a long-term baby. Like some Hungarian mothers who had chosen to give birth at home, they had not informed their plans in advance, had been afraid of negative criticism, and they had been afraid of the contradiction in their home birth.
And just like many other mothers, she was surprised at how much other two births were possible - how different Kaia's birth was two years later. The same doll, the same mother, and again, this birth was a completely new condition, where there was no trace of the previous meditative inward turn, where there was shouting and screaming. Cindy Crawford stored it all in a liberated condition when she thought about what happened after the baby was born. He lost a total loss of control when he could not even silence the process with his yoga practices. He thinks it would be a pleasure for him to do so.
In her opinion, carrying, delivering and breastfeeding a child is the most a woman can ask for from her body. Although the bar has not run a marathon, it does not feel like being prepared for similar challenges. Obviously, it is not the lack of interest in sports that says it, it simply means that your body doesn't have to prove anything. His body felt so sorry that he was capable of all this. She then senses how much power this can give a woman.