7 things not to say to a woman who wants to get pregnant

The only thing you want to do is get two tests on your pregnancy test. But again, it didn't work, though you feel you are doing your best to have a baby.

Hoping to see two stops appear on the test…

That's when acquaintances come in with their impatient tips, which you don't really need. What do they say? has compiled the most annoying phrases.

1. "Just relax, believe me, it will come."

Uh, thanks, really? Although the council is not bad, it is not necessarily true. Because those women, who pay attention to their ovulation regularly, get pregnant faster. Not to mention those women who have a physical problem, such as PCOS or some thyroid disease, which makes it difficult to get pregnant. They cannot be relaxed, especially if you are pregnant.

2. "Don't stress too much."

It was very similar to the above sentence, so much so that it is different that you prefer to choose you are the fault, which is why the baby is not coming.

3. "Do you have cheats?"

It's funny that when it comes to getting pregnant, you think that they can fall into intimate things like yours or your partner test aptitude. Listen, because beyond ovulation, you can also question the quality of your sperm's sperm!

4. "If it has to happen, it will happen."

The desire to have a baby by the end is a very strong feeling. Being a mother is not something people tend to think of as the unintentional. Many times, the fertility tracking, he wants precision, and systematic sex.

5. "Are you sure you are the mother?"

This request is mostly exhausted and desperate mother they usually ask (both of which are completely normal) whose energy is completely consumed by their own children. Yes, it is often very difficult with children and for a while you are sure to give up vacationing alone, but do you know what? You have already decided that. You are ready for maternal exercise and weight loss.

6. "Are you too young / old / busy for motherhood?"

Your answer should be clear no! There are many kinds of moms today. Younger, older, working, not working, having one or more children, poor or rich. Йs each one is a superhero, conditions do not count.

7. "Have you ever tried herbs / acupuncture / yoghurt / wolfhound?"

Everyone has their own tricks, be it for your baby or for getting pregnant. However, getting pregnant is not always easy, there are many reasons for infertility. During a menstrual cycle, the chance of becoming pregnant is 20%. Doctors usually recommend to couples that try a yearand if the baby does not come after a year, only the possibility of infertility is raised. You can read more about the bear here.Related Articles:
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