Keep almonds better

One of the most common childhood operations is tonsillitis, usually due to chronic inflammation of the upper respiratory tract due to chronic inflammation. Until now, the majority of doctors believed that they could be eliminated without consequences.

Keep almonds betterHowever, a research would stop. A researcher at the University of Melbourne, dr. Sean Byars and a colleague's health data of 1.2 million dan. The study included data from patients from birth to 10 years of age, but there were also those who were observed to have a healthy condition up to thirty years of age. The incidence of the same diseases doubled among those whose nasal tonsils were removed.
The researchers also found from the data that the inflammation of the ears, the face, or the glaucoma recur, disappears after surgery, and does not seem to have much to do in the long term. . published in medical journal. According to Byars, you should only remove the tonsils at the very least, and if necessary, wait until the child's immune system is sufficiently developed to thrive without the tonsils. If the tonsils are removed prematurely, the risk of developing respiratory and infectious diseases increases.
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