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Back pain during pregnancy: the position of the fetus affects two thirds of pregnant women

One of the most common complaints during pregnancy is backache and waistline, as our body changes and how we hold ourselves. In addition, it can also affect how well the fetus is located.

Back pain during pregnancy is a common complaint in most small children between the seventh and the seventh month it may occur, but it is also possible for someone to feel better in the first few weeks of their pregnancy. This also depends on whether or not we have had complaints about our past. The center of the lumbar region of the spine, ie the derйktбjйk may be affected, but it may also happen that downstream, or on one of the pages, may be the most painful. This is influenced by which nerve endurance is under pressure. A lot depends on you, how the fetus is positionedbecause your head can put a lot of pressure on your nerves. Pain pihenйsre, comfortable position for something lying down as a rule enyhьl, on the other hand, it gets worse. Many mothers can complain of pain if they have spent too much in the same position (for example, at the desk).We can hurt our lives if we spend too much at one place The intensity of the backache can change from urine to urine constantly, once very strong, but at other times almost nothing feels to the mother. In addition to pain, you may experience other symptoms on your own, such as itching, itching, tingling sensation, numbness or even muscle spasms.

Why is our body aching?

There are several reasons for back pain during pregnancy. Not only does our body grow in size, but the shape of the body changes, the center of the body shifts, and this affects our movement and posture. As a result of hormonal changes, the ligaments may become looser, and businesses may become more relaxed, which may make us feel more insecure, which not only affects our posture but also our movement.Also worth reading:
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