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Can you choose the gender of your baby, be it baby or girl?

One of the most exciting moments in pregnancy is finding out that parents are expecting a baby or baby. While most are looking for any option, everyone is secretly favoring one gender.

Will you be a little boy or a girl?

Can we in general have a boy or girl baby? The only "official" and perfectly secure procedure for this is the genetic method, which is authorized in only a few countries in the world, and only if unchecked genetic disorders can be prevented. Certain abnormalities are linked to the chromosome, meaning they only appear on the baby or the baby. Of course, there are methods that are thought to influence the sex of the unborn baby. However, these are mostly just theories and babies to try with, so it is up to nature (and accidental) to decide whether a baby is a boy or a girl. The scientific methods, the Shettles and the Whelan methods, are both based on the principle that X- and Y-chromosome-carrying hormone cells behave slightly differently. To apply both methods, it is important that you are familiar with our cycle, that is, to be clear on the most productive of our days. Shettles-mуdszer it is based on the fact that the Y-chromosome-carrying hormone cells move faster but survive shorter than the X-chromosome carriers, so if you are a son, you need to get closer to the time of your ovulation, even if you want a baby, you have to be together 2-4 days before ovulation. THE Whelan-mуdszer however, according to her, biochemical processes in the female body at the start of the cycle favor the hormone cells carrying the Y chromosome, if you want a baby boy, it is recommended to be together 4-6 days before ovulation, while the baby should be challenged 2-3 days before ovulation. Each method achieves a minimum of 60 percent success, that is, by following the "instructions", you can increase by about 10 percent that the favored fetus will conceive. These are basically a baby can be expected if the man initiated the meeting, if we make love at night, if we are together on the windy days of the month, or if the man is "keeping cool" with his testicles (for example, he does not wear tight underpants and does not buy hot baths). Because Y-chromosome-carrying sperms are considered less viable, those positives that allow for deeper penetration can also produce a baby. if the male "keeps" his testicles warm (for example, wearing tighter underpants). Even they make fun of the couple when they are together very oftenbecause the spermatozoa carrying the Y chromosome do not produce so quickly. they remain viable and able to fertilize the egg. Baby Foods Have Lots of Dairy Products, Rice, Nutrition and Sweet Food, avoid sour foods, alcoholic beverages, spinach, tomatoes, coffee, tea and chocolate. The boy needs to eat snacks, lots of fish and meat, but not recommended for dairy products, seafood and oilseeds.
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