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Blue Spit Test: Is There Anything That Has Never Been Found Which is the finest?

One of the most popular refreshments is the lime juice, but it is not easy to find one that is of the same quality and taste. Blue larvae have been tested.

Two branded products were also on the podium in a 27-mite test of the Conscious Consumers Association, which looked at the product's nutritional and nutritional content and ingredients. While the best ones are bluish (and possibly low in added sugars), non-dairy products are characterized by the addition of sugar, aromas, and colorants that are typically considered safe.

What has been studied?

Products available in supermarkets and organic stores are priced based on the information in the packaging. They were taken into consideration the fruit content of the larvae, and their content therein; ingredients that may pose a risk to the product (eg, sweeteners, preservatives, colorants), the place of manufacture of the product, its reusable packaging and whether it is certified bio.In the best products, the fruit is 50%


The quality of each product varies significant differences have been observed. While the best ones are sweet, sugary (and possibly low in added) flavors, there are also products that only contain trace amounts of blue, and their fruit content is cheaper by the price of apples. There are also foods that do not contain any fruit at all. Sugar, aroma, and coloring that is typically considered safe in non-blue but blue-flavored products.The first three places completed the Papp Marmalade Manufacturers' Sodium Blue Juice with 91%, followed by Spar's two specialty brands, Spar Premium 88% and Spar Natur Pur 85%.The lowest (55-61%) йrtйket it was given to products that did not contain any fruit, aromas and sweeteners, the colors are better provided by elderberry, sometimes with azorubin. As they do not contain fruit, the official designation of these products is not blue juice, but blue taste, which is correctly stated by the producers in each case. Another question is whether consumers are aware of the significance of the name. On the other hand, it has reached 50% of premium products. Unfortunately, it would be naive to assume that the fruit content of the blue syrup is the blue. 24 products contained some fruit (non-colored), of which Apple was the main fruit in 9 products.
The aroma of the lichens can be provided naturally by the use of fruits, but in order to achieve the desired effect, the added aroma can be solved more cheaply. All we found was a product that did not have any aroma.

Are additives safe?

Additives used in moths are considered to be mostly safe or have a relatively low health risk.
All but one of the 27 products tested contained some colors, but in most cases these did not pose a risk to health. Producers mainly use elderberries, grapes or even black radishes for this purpose. However, one of the lowest-priced products was a colorant called azorubin, which may induce an allergic-type reaction in a sensitive consumer.
Included 5 products Sodium benzoate is a preservativewhich is sensitive allergic symptoms you can choose. Cyclamate and aspartame have been used in six products for sweetening, although they are not unequivocally proven, but it is worthwhile to use some safer substances. environmental aspects also examined. Mindцssze 8 visszavбlthatу (betйtdнjas) termйk was vizsgбlt termйkek kцzцtt, йs 13 termйk kйszьlt Magyarorszбgon, нgy feltehetхleg less szбllнtбsbуl adуdу цkolуgiai lбbnyomuk.A termйkek kцzьl kettх was biotermйk, these gyьmцlcs- йs sugar content ellenхrzцtt цkolуgiai gazdбlkodбsbуl szбrmazik. These gadgets have the advantage that they do not contain artificial additives (retention, coloring, formulation). Contrary to previous tests by TVE, it has now been observed that products with lower valuation were excluded only from the lowest category. While the best flakes are $ 1,500-2,000 / l, the middling ranges are only $ 600-800 / l per unit, while the prices for non-mild products are only $ 100 per liter (similar to recommended). Buyers Association page. Also worth reading:
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