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Frozen egg can also be a baby

One study at the Medina Clinic has shown that for women taking part in the flask program, frozen donor eggs are as good as fresh ones.

Researchers have shown that out of 77 women treated in a Cypriot clinic, those who received another female frozen egg were born with the same degree of certainty as those who received a fresh donor egg. In the frozen ovum group, 47 percent gave birth to babies, and in the fresh donor ovum group, 41.5 percent; this difference is virtually entirely unintentional - reported by researchers in the Fertility and Sterility Journal.
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lejбtszбs Dr. Nicole Noyes, deputy director of the Center for Fertility at the University of New York, said the results once again confirm that freezing a donor's egg or a patient's own egg is actually costing. Although the procedure for freezing sperm or embryos for later use, freezing a female egg is relatively new. Freezing an egg is not so simple: it often develops crystals in the egg that can damage its structure. However, thanks to the modern rapid-freeze procedure, it has been possible to store and use the egg cells for later use.
Currently, the majority of women receive fresh donor ova. Dr. Xiao ZhangBut the director of the Cork Center for Natural Sciences, however, has a number of obstacles. One is reconciliation, since the female recipient must be ready for implantation exactly when the donor is ready to give her an egg. The other is the lack of donors. Because doctors will never know how many eggs are produced by a donor, up to two women are prepared to receive fresh eggs from a single donor.
Freezing and creating egg banks would make it more accessible for women to be able to have fertile treatments, and potentially reduce costs as well. Worldwide, around 1,000 children were born using frozen eggs, especially in the past few years, and researchers have not experienced an increase in the number of birth defects.
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