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Homeopathy is intended

One tube blue, the other green, the third orange - but what's the difference?

Homeopathy is intended

Hahnemann, the father of homeopathy, traveled with patients in a horse-drawn carriage. The bad, galloping paths shook his soul, but he also shook the medicine vigorously. But what a person bears seems to be doing homeopathic medicine specifically for good. In fact, traveled drugs are in practice proved to be more effectivelike those that went directly from the lab to the patient. Hahnemann started to shake the medicine at home and found that the method worked, he named it shaking the method to potential.In parallel, he began to examine the amount of medicine with which he was able to exert a healing effect. So he started to believe in the drugs. Not a little. He added 99 servings of alcohol or water to one serving of active ingredient. Then he repeated it again and again. And the drug still worked. In fact, more than ever.The most commonly used homeopathic remedies today its name starts with: C. This refers to the Latin number and the active ingredient contained in it has been multiplied by a factor of several. And how many times a day? Tell me the number of the bill. If the number is low (5, 9), the active ingredient is more active, so it is better to use to relieve bodily, physically experienced symptoms. Higher numbers (30, 200) are more suited to treating mental symptoms. The color of the tubes simplifies this system even more.

Zöld (C5)

This low potential is useful if you want to quickly deal with local symptoms such as turbidity, burns, mild sunshine. Green drugs should be taken 2-5 times a day, and you may expect symptoms to begin to worsen, but very soon afterwards, even under the skin. Replace with 9 if needed.

Steakers (C9)

This strength is used to treat symptoms that affect a wide range of organs, such as spastic pain, severe twitching, pain in the limbs, and outbursts. It should be collected once a day, but generally 24-48 ounces can be counted for relief.

Orange (C15)

Medium potential should be chosen if you want to deal with physical problems as well as psychological problems, because they are also suspected to be prone to persistent symptoms. These include stress, sleep disorder, headache, stomach, nervous diarrhea, constipation. Usually it should be taken once a day, but within 48-72 hours the healing starts. Replace with 30 if needed.

Lightwaters (C30)

This is already considered a high potency and should only be used on the advice of a physician. Recognize that there is a clear psychological cause of the illness and that without treatment it is impossible to treat bodily symptoms. Generally, it should be taken once a day.

Vilbosky (C200)

It is commonly used in the treatment of psychiatric symptoms, such as strength, cure, depression, or at home. Usually a single dose of help is needed, and after several weeks to months, you don't need to, because as many as you can make the change.