Together in the kitchen

A small child under one year loves to play half an hour when the car is parked next to the mother in the kitchen. Let's give him a few feet, a kitchen spoon, a cover, talk, sing to him, so he doesn't feel left out.

Bigger little kids are also "malevolent" because they want to take part in everything, they want to attract attention. In one of the lower kitchen cabinets, you can store dishes that you can safely pack in and out. If your mom spends a lot of time in the kitchen, it's best to equip a toddler with a playground.

Let the kids have fun cooking too!

Make an old stool, a larger box or a cardboard stove: glue three boxes of empty teddy bears on top, paint them black on the top, store the toys, biscuits in the bottom of the box.
You don't really need to buy a "real" mini kitchen, toys (though you really love the little ones) - empty boxes, plastic cutlery are fine. The essence is that it should be varied and colorful, because the most important element of cooking is the wrap.
With a small knife, you can use a plastic knife to crush a little plastic, roll a pretzel, lightly dice a little beetroot, and stir the potatoes into a little cook. Cheerful patterned kitchen clothes can be used as a curtain or small area.
Three-year-olds are a real help in the kitchen: they can design, take from the refrigerator to dinner, get the kitchens out of the kitchen cabinet, and even have the dishwasher. They learn a lot in the middle: what's on the right and left, what we hold, what we make of milk, what the animals give us, what is vegetarian food, and so on.

Let's play with the food!

Let's show you how to put a face out of radishes, yellow beets, potatoes, for example. You can play with greenery, fruits, shopping, shipping with a small dumper, basket. Take the potatoes, apples, onions back to their seats at the end of the game. Toddlers and girls alike are eager to participate in the kitchen activities, with the best games being the work of adults.
Common cooking is good fun, but it requires increased care and attention on the part of the parent. Never leave children alone in the kitchen, hazardous and hot liquids (dishwashing liquid, vinegar, oil), sharp dishes, over-the-counter kitchen appliances, and match matches on the kitchen counter.