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Yoga is a natural birthright

Preparing for a day out of the space and time out for birth and leading you to where all baby dolls want to go: to the core.

Yoga is a natural birthright

Neatly, sleeplessly, I arrived at the scene of the awakening. It couldn't get any worse on Sunday morning; Grumbling and shivering, I felt really cool.A few minutes later, when I joined the group's blood circulation as well, I discovered that everyone here had the same sorrow as I had less wine. The first few minutes were spent telling everyone why they were here, how big their baby was in their tummy, when they could expect a baby ... he did - which seemed best to him at that moment.
We started with a bit of loose practice, as simple as, for example, the "kitty" in high school or the toe tip at the heels, inside and outside. Of course, we also do "real" yoga exercises, but no one should think about getting in and out of the water. Egyszerы loose and give exercises we have studied with special regard to the pool, waist and hips, which, as we know, will be subjected to the greatest stress during birth.

Everyone was paying attention

Of course, no body was left out of the movement, intimate parts were also exercised. Many people do not think about the importance of the muscles of the end muscles during birth and the fact that fitness protects the barrier. If we can control our muscles' work with attention, we can permanently relax our entire body during periods of distress, and can do a great deal for ourselves and the baby.
Anyone who does not dare to take that break for a long time or does the practice six times, but only three times, is also very good, because he or she learns and can apply it in the same way as the one who does everything perfectly. No one was afraid, criticized the other, everyone was self-conscious. No one here had to gnat, there was simply no way. The staff of the supervisor also played a big role in this. South's character radiated attention and understanding, and so easily directed our attention to the things that mattered; so much so that the mood prevailed very soon in the group, a really relaxed, creative atmosphere was created.

Tell me what you're afraid of?

At the end of the evening, we're still awaiting a rather difficult turn when pairing and stubbornly saying to each other, "Tell me your fear." Whenever our couple mentioned something unhappy, we were asked once and again to speak honestly fйlelmeirхl. Someone, according to their own bloodline, succeeded in solving this task: there were those who did not let themselves be unearthed, but there were also those who survived the catharsis.
The only mixed couple, a married couple, called this conversation as an example because they realized that although they put a lot of energy into their relationship, in such a situation it is easier to recognize communication problems that have not been realized so far.
Then, before lunch, we discussed the seasoned experiences. Now we didn't even have to "be fulfilled", to whom he had said, to whom he had not, he listened to the others, and we did learn from each other.

Assisted breathing exercises

After eating, we settled down comfortably and talked about how to make the birthing process easier with the simplest tools possible.
When we focus on our bodies, we get accurate signals about what to do, because, in the midst of unrelenting circumstances, every woman has a certain strength that shows us the way we are before . Accept the presence of pain, do not be afraid of it, and even transform it into a helping force, because every minute of pain is nearer to the moment when we can bring our child to our end.
There was also a certain homeopathic remedy, which relieves the inevitable internal injuries, but first and foremost, lйgzхgyakorlatokat And a relaxing postures we tried it out and even got notes so that we didn't forget the most important details in those difficult moments. Of course, this also requires that you start practicing these incredibly simple movements at least six weeks before your expected birth.

Birth - without fear

All that is left is that I have not a single bit of fear in my birth. I realized that this child, independently of everything and everyone, could only be terminated by myself, assuming I was able at the moment not to make it harder to deal with it. The only man who was skeptical of the law, a man who had dipped in a lot of tummy tucked away at the end of the day, said that he had acquired a lot of knowledge in his elй.
I think it's so simple. Of course, the simplest things to write are the hardest, but this day has helped me a lot.
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