Liberation during the loss

Increasing workload means increased exercise for muscles and veins. Hormonal hormones relax the tissues as well as the business.

This is a useful process in the pelvic area as it will facilitate fetal passage during childbirth. However, loose stores can also cause complaints. Reduce verbiage: Whatever you can do, let's do some rest, change our posture. In the morning, we still have our feet in our shoes, not in the evening. In our workplace, you can't put it in for anyone else, circulatory exercises.
  • Let's circle our ankles outwards, then inwards as long as you can.

  • Let's open our legs, tighten our feet to put on our belly, then relax, repeat a few times.

  • After work, we lay on the floor, prop our heels to the wall, or put our lower legs on a chair and relax a little quarters. In this situation, the blood flows back from the vine. We can increase the effect by cycling our feet in the air.

  • The benefit of a cool shower is to let cool water flow down to your lower legs and feet in a strong radius. Fall and water baby gymnastics can help.

  • Lubricate the foot with cooling cream or oil. Always flatten it from the bottom up. Massage the lower lip and the toe first, vigorously wrapping the toe upwards and then with small whisking movements.
  • Stretch your foot, practice it several times a day

    Wearing tight pantyhose and rubber pantyhose can directly support your veins, but it is important that you warm it up properly. Before we get up in the morning, we lie down on our feet. Do not squeeze the rubber anywhere, this will only squeeze the bloodstream even better.
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