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An unvaccinated community can put an entire city at risk

Unfortunately, due to the increasing irresponsibility of vaccination, a mildly prevalent childhood illness can become an Irish disease. This happened a couple of years ago in America.

An unvaccinated community can put an entire city at riskA recent report published on detailed how the twisted law could have broken two Orthodox Jews in Brooklyn in 2013, which was flared up by an unvaccinated teenager. His son took the extremely infectious disease home after a trip to London. Reportedly, since 1992, this has been the most severe bend in New York. Although he had no fatalities, a child was transported to the hospital for pneumonia and an unvaccinated mother lost her fetus. In addition, the city of New York spent close to $ 395,000 ($ 109 billion) to repair the believer, and the people who participated in it spent 10,000 more years trying to make the plague far less important. in closed communities. "We found that 71% of the cases involved practically 8 more family members," he said. Dr. Jane Zucker One of the assistants at the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

A deadly disease thought to be dead

In New York, the turnaround / mumps / rubella vaccine vaccine is 97 percent, which is considered high, so the elephantine locus is localized to a smaller group whose members, for religious reasons, have denied the vaccine, " in the district, those who were vaccinated were not infected in the proximity of the infected groups, "says Schwartz." Zucker adds. "In the United States, in 2000, there were virtually unknown bends. However, uninvited Americans are, of course, exposed to the risk of infection if they bring the virus into the country from a different world. One week after the arrival of the young American, doctors have become increasingly suspicious. That is why health workers have begun to examine these more closely. As most patients were not immediately quarantined, the number of patients increased in 11 health care facilities, schools, airplanes, homes and weddings. " So the people who worked in the public health case had to collect the names of those who stayed at the same level with the infected people, and then they were examined, they were not vaccinated, because they knew more. "It also protects those who stayed close to us, only having 72 hours, so there is a real emergency in that case," adds the Sickness Fellowship 87. Two-thirds were completely protected and 11% received at least one dose of vaccine, but in 335 cases people who had not been vaccinated at all received the disease. "According to a report published in JAMA Pediatrics, 114 children at risk of being vaccinated and adult MMR vaccine were reported to be able to prevent the disease at a later date.

Irresponsible vaccination

Of the 58 cases of infected bends, all were Orthodox Jews, and the virus spread from family member to family member by 50%. The episode took place between March and June 2013, with 6 major infections. Of the 58 cases, 45 were children or parents who either rejected the vaccine or deliberately delayed the vaccine. And 12 cases were babies who, from their age, could not get a bend vaccine. "This whole story shows how much it may be dangerous to have a smaller unvaccinated community"This beast is clearly attributable to a couple of people who put a whole city at risk by vaccination." We have to admit that these are called individual decisions have consequences."Related articles in the field of vaccination:
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