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With a daily fluid intake of 600 years, a daily volume of two milliliters and 700 milliliters a day, it can be doubled in height and strength. Water is one of our most important building blocks, with minimal deficiency reducing performance.

It's okay for a toddler to "drink as much as a duck." If you had a dark color, a strong odor peeing, you consumed little liquid. In this case, let us drink more often and observe that he will pee more clearly and completely. Whatever you drink, no matter how much. For the most thirsty, tap water and soda water are also recommended for small children. You can also add non-fruit juice (but not fruit black tea), peppermint, elderberry and elderberry. Let's switch between breeds. We can harvest such plants from clean, dusty and chemical-free areas (like our own small garden). Sugarized drinks (syrups, fruit drinks, nectars) spoil the baby's teeth and teeth, get used to the sweet, and stimulate them to consume more and more. A good alternative to your own home-made greens and fruits is to blend juicy fruits with a few drops of lemon and a little water.
We learn to drink
In addition to breastfeeding on demand, the baby can grow up without a baby bottle, but we can switch to using the glass at the age of one. Prolonged cumulation can lead to dental caries, deformities of the dentures or jaws, poor tongue posture, which can lead to speech defects. At this age, the use of small children is rapidly evolving: they are able to grasp the glass with their fingers, to slowly make a decision, and at the same time to squeeze their mouth. Handle a large, small volume plastic cup in the feeding area. If you are filled with water, you can drink from the top while the half full glass will have to be tilted first before the drink reaches your mouth. This is not easy to overcome: it is easy to overturn, and the liquid gets stuck in the neck. After each meal, it should be flushed with water (not sweet drinks!). We can also practice in the bathtub, it is okay to drink here. However, be careful not to sip on bathing water.
Thirsty or lame?
Thirst is a sign of a deficiency. Indicates that your organization's liquid test has not been completed. This is especially true of young children who forget about sex in the heat of play. On the other hand, your body is thirsty when you regularly consume sweet drinks. They do not quench your thirst because they contain an immense amount of sugars for fluid intake. Avoid giving a drink of fruit juice, spit, sweet tea. The baby soon gets used to the sweet taste, and is asking for it more and more frequently. For drinking, tap water, or low in mineral substances, silent soda water, lemon water, soft fruit tea, herbal tea is ideal. Between the main ones we can give you 100% fruit juice, but it can be a snack or a tuna. For breakfast and dinner, we recommend drinking yoghurt, but despite its high water content, this is more like a meal. Usually 600 milliliters of fluid a day can be provided with high-water fruits and vegetables at the age of one year. The cucumbers, melons 90-95 percent, pear 80 percent water. Green or cold tomato soup is also an ideal source of liquid.