Fuck the computer!

The whole family will love peach bulgur. The baby also has some light snacks.


Ingredients: two smaller yellow rape, 5 deca butter, a large chicken breast, a mug of bulgur, a pinch of saffron, cut parsley, two-three peaches, nutmeg
We cut two smaller yellow caramel rings, fry a large amount of butter, then add the chicken breast cut into the strips and cook them in a small pan under the lid. So after ten minutes, we put a bulgur on it and mix it thoroughly. We filter out tiny saffron or curcuma, sprinkle it with enough water to cover it and cook it covered. Before finding two to three, peeled half of the peaches into small cubes, finally sprinkled with finely chopped parsley. We take the baby's portion out of it, then we can shower it and grate a little nutmeg on top. Also available from seven to eight months.
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