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Relaxing exercises for everyone

We recommend stretching and relaxing exercises for the whole body. With a few minutes of exercise, you can refresh your tired, stiff muscles and your movements. Come on out!

Run the tournament at a slow pace, the number of exercises should be increased gradually, but only to a pleasant fatigue. You can also do some of the recommended exercises before warm-up. Keep your head in the middle and put your stomach in! Raise your right arm to the left, try to reach it. Slowly, gently move it slightly to the right. Now, go back to the reset and try again on the other page.
Lay your arms wide forward with your forearms raised, arms raised over your head, and with your palms facing up, unlock your fingers. Stretch high and breathe. Leaning forward, slowly bend to the right as if leaning against an imaginary wall. Breathe out. Lean again high and lean to the left. Continue every now and then.

Giving is very important

Stop with your feet closed. From side to side, lift your arms up as you meet above your head, while climbing to the tip of your toes. Breathe in. Slowly lower your arms to the side, lean forward, bend your knee, and loosen it. Repeat the exercise by offering.
Sit down on a stool, lying in a posture spread on the ground. Put your hands on your back with clasped fingers. Fold in your stomach, press your belly to the narrow body. Put your head on your palms and put them on your back. Lower your head forward, loosen your shoulders and spin the upper part of your back. Derekad continues to touch the hub. As you breathe in, straighten your back again and continue the practice at a very slow pace.
Lean on the door frame with curved elbows so that your elbows are at height, with your stomach in, protect your waist from excessive homogeneity! Slide one arm over the frame, stretch it as far as you can and put the other arm on the back. Stay for two seconds, then slide your hand back to the home position and repeat with the other arm a few times.
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