The K&H Spark Plug Competition launches

For the 12th time, World Health Day announces the K&H Group Child Health Grant, which provides hospitals, hospitals, rescue centers with the equipment they need to support children faster and more efficiently.

In the previous years, about 30% of the applications received received support. For the 12th time, the K&H Group has made a call for K&H Spark Plug Assets to celebrate its long-term commitment to children's health. The application is open to all funded by the Hungarian Healthcare Fund, orphan, orthopedic clinic, medical center, hospital, clinic, orthopedic hospital in Hungary. It is an important objective of the Group to contribute to the full life of the present society. we have donated a total of 530 million forints to Hungarian health care over the past years, bringing the cost of 152 hospitals and 150 resuscitators to life. el - these institutions were able to buy new assets for a total of 56 million forints, "said Nóra Horváth Magyary, Chief Communications Officer, K&H Group.
Over the past years, K&H sparkle has been transformed into a complex support program, in which K&H offers a variety of employee, client, and partner offerings in the next 6 rounds. Thus, in the previous application year 2014, K&H contributed to the operation of a total of 32 institutions, with more than HUF 38 million.
"Based on the experience of the past years, we can say that about 30% of the applications we receive are supported by each year you are trying to do, hesitate and submit your application! " said Horváth Magyary Nurra.
"As the K&H Survey revealed in 2013, the toolkits of Hungarian children's health institutions are more than 10 years old, but they use more than 30 years of age. - says Dr. Krisztina Tнmárr, a clinical research expert at the Health Care and Medical Center and a member of the K&H Sphincter Program. "It is therefore important to have a K&H spark plug application that provides an opportunity for institutions that would not otherwise be able to do so."
The pбlyбzуk gyermekgyуgyбszati ​​йs mentйsi eszkцzцkre, segйdeszkцzцkre, berendezйsekre, felszerelйsekre and children egйszsйgmegхrzйsйt, betegsйg-megelхzйsйt йs rehabilitбciуjбt, fogyatйkos children fejlхdйsйt nyъjthatjбk elхsegнtх berendezйsekre in this year's йvben igйnyeiket, pбlyбzуnkйnt bruttу maximum of HUF 4 milliу йrtйkig. The total amount of the application is HUF 20 million. In this year's application year, special attention will be paid to the institutions providing pediatric gastroenterology or pediatric neurological care.
As of 2014, the K&H Group has been paying special attention to the disadvantaged areas of Hungary, so that even the most deprived institutions can have an adequate asset park. Thus, in the 2015 application year, complaints submitted by child health institutions that are or should be "benefited from," or "benefit from," a complex program, are also subject to review. In the past year 5 such institutions received a total of 4.3 million HUF worth of support.
The detailed application form and related documents are available on the following website:
Application deadline: May 29, 2015