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How effective is the flu vaccine?

The effectiveness of a flu vaccine in healthy adults depends on a number of factors. Let's see what they are.

How effective is the flu vaccine?If someone inoculates themselves against influenza, it will take approx. The probability of catching the virus is reduced by 60 percent. What influences the effectiveness of vaccination against influenza depends on a number of factors.


One of these factors is age. In children, 24 months of age is a type of measure: more effective than two years of age.In adults, immunity is reduced with the onset of middle age. Influenza virus is much more dangerous for the elderly, so it is important to get the vaccine. Even if an older person catches the flu while being vaccinated, he or she will reduce the risk of serious side effects. Studies have shown that elderly people who live with their own flu vaccine reduce the risk of developing events that require treatment such as pneumonia, such as pneumonia, by 70 percent. In the home of the elderly, this rate is 50-60 percent. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that every child 6 months of age should be vaccinated against the flu.

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This is also one of the factors that influence the effectiveness of the vaccine. Vaccines work by stimulating the immune system to act. In a sense, a vaccine "teaches" the body how to identify and defend against the virus. So when it comes into contact with the actual virus, the immune system quickly recognizes and overcomes it. So, the effectiveness of the vaccine depends on how strongly the immune system responds. If the immune system is weak, the vaccine is not working properly. A number of chronic diseases can weaken the immune system. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that a flu vaccine reduces the risk of hospitalization by 30% to 70% in patients with chronic disease.You can for protection, and no one can predict when the flu season will be. It is worth having the vaccine every year. If we are vaccinated against influenza, we may not be catching the disease, but the symptoms will be less severe. Although vaccination may not be perfect, it is still the best way to protect against cancer, especially in children, the elderly, people with chronic illness. (Via)
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