Answers to the questions

Make sure you eat yogurt and fruit

Healthy eating is very important right from the start, but if you have tried broccoli instead of sausage, you know that it is difficult at least. But we'll show you some tricks.

You can't go with a smoothie. Banana, yogurt and any other fruit, say strawberries or currants, in a smoothie and blend. If you haven't done all this in time, you can conjure up some ice cream by freezing it in the freezer. If your puppies are fond of some fairy tale, feel free to tell them why they are so strong, fast or brave because they eat fruit. Of course, if you were scanned for fruit afterwards, you wouldn't care who would be the winner.

Replace the sugar

Instead of replacing sugar with any artificial sugar, use a more mature banana, for example. If you are baking a muffin or any kind of candy, banana is one of the best sweeteners that can be made naturally. Apples and pears are great sweets Freeze the banana sliced ​​and put it in the blender. Add some peanut butter cream and a perfect ice cream substitute that your kid will love. Instead of making sweetened muesli, make more fruit juice from apples and apples, add a little crunchy porridge and top with yogurt. Either way, overeating is key. Making a fruit table with ghastly blends of colors is immediately considered irresistible. You can put strawberries, apples, bananas, oranges and grapes, and if you put a little yogurt in the middle, the colors will only shine! If it doesn't help, cut a couple of slices of fruit, put it on a table, and leave it on the table with the title that it will be when you come home. Children still want what they can't get, so it would be a miracle if they were not touched. Healthy treats:
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  • Heavenly mixed pasta with di and apricot