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12 super breastfeeding mothers

Of course, eating healthy is always beneficial, but when you are breastfeeding, you need to make sure that you bring all the important nutrients your body and baby need.

Almonds are superfood too, eat regularly!

Did you know that you can get rid of up to 500 calories in a day by breastfeeding? Well, you have to put that down, but no matter what. You need healthy fats, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, nutrient-rich foods to help you get the right amount and quality of breast milk for every 24 months of your life.

1. Avocado

80% of avocados contain useful fat that you need during breastfeeding when your body's calorie requirements increase. Avocados are very healthy and useful, great Vitamin B, Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Vitamin E hot, but it does folic Acid йs kбlium and by the way, it was good enough.

2. Doufiel

Dips, such as almonds, are considered to be one of the best milk-selection foods around the world. Diffils contain indispensable substances. We have them iron, calcium, zinc, Vitamin K йs Vitamin B, natural sources of essential for fatty acids And a fehйrjйnek.

3. Legumes

The beans and legumes are the choice fehйrjeforrбsok, and bunches light materials also contain. If you have not eaten chickpeas before, it is time to try it, since ancient Egyptians have been favorably consumed for its useful nutritional content. Legumes also help with milk selection, including more than one! Are you worried about having a bad effect on your baby? Watch for the signs! Some would suggest that eating puffed foods causes stomachs in your breastfed baby. However, if you do not experience this, then do not overlook this useful superstar!

4. Mushroom

Yes, you are reading, the mushroom also helps in milk selection! There are certain species of fungi, such as oyster mushrooms, which have a high a bйta-glьkбn content, just like oats or raspberries. If you like mushrooms, choose reishi, shiitake, maitake, shimeji or oyster.

5. Green leafy greens

Green leafy greens have shown that fitoцsztrogйneket which have a positive effect on milk production. Many mothers are worried about eating greens, such as broccoli or cabbage, because they are afraid of causing stomach bites for their nursing baby, although this is not generally supported but rather a belief. The more green you consume, the better you do for yourself and your baby.

6. Red and orange herbs

For centuries, breastfeeding mothers have consumed the red and orange fruits. The pink rape and the yams are very much useful nutrients which have a good effect on the quality of breast milk.

7. Seeds

Seeds are a real gift for the breastfeeding mother. High a fehйrjetartalmuk and rich in essential minerals such as iron, the zinc, the calcium, that healthy jeans not to mention. Sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds - which is your favorite?

8. Chia mag

Although in our country only in recent years have we heard about the fun effects of chia seeds, even though the may and others have known how useful food is. fiber, fehйrjйben, calcium йs magnйziumban rich, besides omega-3 fatty acids also included.

9. Hemp seed

Omega-3 fatty acids because of its content, the hemp seed is added to the superfood list after the chia seed. It contains in perfect proportion all the essential substances that the human body needs. Certainly many iron йs zinc can be found in the hemp seed that both the mother and the developing baby have a great need for.

10. Linseed

Kivбlу fehйrje-, fiber- And omega-3 fatty acids source of flax seed. However, it is not completely digested, so it is probably better to use it in oil form. The linseed oil is light and sweet, and it fits well with the steamed greens. In addition to improving the quality of breast milk, it also reduces the risk of certain cancers, cardiovascular problems, and inflammatory diseases.

11. Turmeric

Bar research does not prove that turmeric aids dairy production, yet it is considered superb in breastfeeding mothers around the world. It has an anti-inflammatory effect, supports your immune system, so if you want to get rid of colds, you should regularly take curcuma.

12. Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is a herbal medicine used primarily in Ayurvedic medicine. Why do you count on breastfeeding mothers? The effect of bar on milk production is unknown, but it is a very useful plant because supports neurological, immune, endocrine and reproductive systems too. It has a very important role in relieving stress. And that is what every mother needs.Related Articles:
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