The Foundation for the Protection of Children with Heart Disease (X)

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) survey of 240 million people in 21 countries, 0.8% of all live births are born, which is one in every two births.

In domestic terms, this means that Hungary has around 800 children with heart disease each year, who have been left on their own for the most part; however, 95% can be saved if adequate treatment is given in due course. However, this requires 50-60% of newborns or infants, and 30-40% of them having to undergo cardiac catheter intervention or heart surgery.
The Foundation for the Protection of Children with Heart Disease since 1991 has helped heal newborns, infants and children. It is located at the Gottsegen Győr Gyorgyi Cardiology Institute's Children's Heart Center, where more than 80% of pediatric cardiac operations in Hungary, and almost 100% of cardiovascular interventions. In 2007, there were 12,730 children with heart disease; including 7,827 ambulatory examinations (including fetal ultrasound examinations), 1,068 patient enrollments, 498 cardiac catheterisations (including 224 non-cardiac interventions), more than 5,000 other interventions, and 527 interventions. Urgent, life-saving interventions occurred in about half of the cases. Thanks to supporters, the foundation has been able to provide financial resources for the purchase of a number of devices over the past 17 years that help the Children's Heart Center deliver European-wide children every year.
Institutional care is manifold: from cardiac catheter intervention to open heart, which is followed by intensive care (artificial circulation, etc.) in children with heart failure. Not only during our intervention, but also after that, can we use special tools and tools that can be used only once, and the purchase of which will cause serious financial difficulties. The Foundation contributes an average of $ 20-30 million a year to addressing all of these problems and ensures the smooth cure of newborns, infants and children with heart disease.
"Accelerated vilбgunkban not vesszьk йszre that humбnum helyйbe lйpett un. Йrtйkek kьzdьnk lйlektelen, tinsel бrucikkek йs azйrt valуjбban that they cserйlhessьk up ъjabbakkal idхrхl-idхre. Йs that all these megszerezhessьk, цnmagunkbуl kivetkхzve the egyьttйlйs erkцlcsi normбit hбgjuk бt. You have already not felebarбtainkat but rather our business. The developmental mogul turns to profit and proclaims that it is the hallmark of human happiness. (Molnber Tamb).
This is what children are looking forward to, especially as they expect everything they expect from adults. The charitable activity of the foundations, among others, lies in the fact that its supporters are focused on bridging the divide caused by the lack of love for humanity. The fate of the child being served - more like the sick child - is in the conditions of patient care, so it depends on the conditions we create for them. The support of the self is related to the spiritual elevation and bodily anxiety that a child, a patient, or the purchase of a play, or a home environment, has for children with heart disease.
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Foundation for the Protection of Children with Heart Disease
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The Board of Trustees of the Foundation for the Protection of Children with Heart Disease:
Prof. Dr. Lozsbdi Kбroly
Dr. Elizabeth Sabby