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It's only 3 minutes before the cord is removed

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the British National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recommend that the cord be removed in one minute.

It would be worth the expulsion of the cord

However, according to a recent study, they were born don't get the last shipment of iron blood Mother-in-law.Access is currently a very serious problem among children worldwide, and there are currently about 40 percent of children below the age of 5. The picture also influences mental performance. At birth, about one-third of your baby's blood is stored in the placenta. According to a recent study, this deciliter of blood is equivalent to about four months of nutrition for a child. . With the help of the latter method, the number of children with anemia decreased to 8 years by the age of one year. proper quality It also seems to affect mental abilities: according to research, children deprived of their genitalia three minutes after childbirth had better social abilities in their adult age than their other group.Related Articles:
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