Children should not look at screens before they are two years old

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a new recommendation is that parents should not place children under any kind of umbrella.

According to the international organization, between two and four years of age, parents are allowed to spend less than one day per child, but less so before children and children, including parents should not pass the small ones in front of the screens, do not put a tablet or mobile phone in their hands. The body is fighting against childhood mobility because of the low risk of exercise, globally leading risk of premature death and illness due to obesity. BBC News has highlighted motionless behavior and sleep. The new guidelines will be presented in detail at the WHO European Congress on Poverty on Sunday in Glasgow. kisbabбk generally don't spend time in front of a screen, move around a lot, and lie on their stomach for at least thirty minutes. The For newborns, 14 to 17 hours of sleep is important, Between the ages of 11 and 12, the sleep of 12-16 ajбnlott. In this age group, do not spend more than one baby in a stroller, stroller or baby carrier at any one time, researchers at the organization warn.Babies don't spend time in front of the screen at all. minimum of three daily physical activities for toddlers between two and a year, up to one urnian screen saver and 10-13 oula alvбst ajбnl the WHO. In this age group, it was not recommended to restrict the movement of children for more than one time at a time, for example, in a car. WHO made recommendations based on available evidence. However, there is no definite research on the amount of time spent before the screen, which clearly states what causes it and what benefits it can bring.Juana Willumsen, a developer of the recommendations advised parents to change the time they spent in front of the screen to a more meaningful program: they can move between them, they can be seen, but it is also better for the parent or guardian to see them together and help with tasks or to get involved in the activity.
The In the United States, we do not recommend screening for children until 18 months, and in Canada, the age limit is two - BBC News added that there is no such officially recommended limit in Britain.Kapcsolуdу: