More details have been revealed from the Village CSOK

From the 7 points of the fraud action plan, 4 will become effective on July 1: baby-baby support, CSOK extension, credit waiver regulation, and large-family car insurance.

The Welsh Development Program - an extension of the current 50,000 beds to 70,000 - will last longer, and the grandparent's and mother-to-be's baby-free will be available on January 1st, G said. processes. More details have been revealed from the Village CSOK The Cabinet also decided on rural CSOK: all small settlements, numbered 2,373, can participate in the program where there is a drop in depopulation (not just those with depopulation above average). In order to avoid unjustified price rises, it has also been decided that up to half of the HUF 10 million can be spent on housing, while the other half can be spent on expansions. There is no upper limit for square meters, he added. The goal is to avoid the desertification of the villages, to improve the rural way of life, he said.
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