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Sugarcane Pills And Flour Loss

Come on in the evening classes, you'll be in the middle of a peak season! - the doctors at the Children's Hospital of Madarszsz Street, Budapest, are encouraging me to ask them when to look into their pediatric emergency room orders.

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But the sufferer of another is now hoping for a chance. I dream of a deserted order that is not filled with childbearing, unaffected by anxious parents' eyes, where, say, the gypsum master is in his own realm. Although this was the case, the three-year-old Tomika was literally dancing on the bed, and she jumped at a higher rate, and is just getting plaster on her ankle.
- Relax, you will stay! his mother caresses the little boy with words, as if Stuart, the figure of the little mouse and Pinocchio, who was filling the gypsum airspace, was soothing. Because the fairies in the fairy tale are the permanent inhabitants of this order, what is more, the fairy tale walls of the fairy also try to enchant little patients.

An egg cure?

The warden, dr. Janknos Dankou, chief physician, emphasizes the importance of fastidious binding even in young children suffering from dementia. In your experience, parents generally know how to conceive a child in such cases.
Make a finishing press on the limb, or design it so that the broken part cannot move. This can help relieve pain and prevent reflexes. Dankou's chief physician mentions a type of accidental injury to children below the age of three, which is caused by the loss of a swing, and the consequences of a baby fall from the body. In this respect, he cites his Swiss position: the Alpine country's jet skis are covered with rubber mats instead of asphalt…

Bone fractures in children are common

Parents who follow more childbirth are already criticized for their lack of preparation. For example, he encountered a case where parents blew flour into the open wound of a small child with a blood thinning intention. It is recommended that you do not use medical powders even in these cases, it is sufficient to wrap the blood in a clean, iron-free cloth before going to hospital. He also watched innocently when the little child's hand was rubbed with eggs, although this posed an increased risk of infection.
It is advised that in case of old-fashioned burying, the body should be immersed immediately in cold, cold water, as this will reduce the grade of the brain. You can also use ice cubes, frozen barrels from the drizzle, but the essence is instant cooling. Then wrap the cleaned body part in a clean clothes to start with the little bereaved into the church. It does not hurt to take care of the healed wound and drink tea with our child to prevent it from drying out.
"I call the good part of the children's deaths a" social "accident, says chief medical officer Dankou. - In small homes, small kitchens have a greater chance of getting a baby into the hot water pot, or possibly being sucked in by boiling soup. In such a place, the parent stumbles more easily with the soup pots. Most households are not prepared for the prevention of accidents of this type, for example, there is a lack of cookware that prevents skidding from the cookers. But even in the midst of chamomile steaming, hot childhood accidents often occur. In addition, we do not like hot steaming, because most dry and catarrhal diseases require cold vapors.

Buttonhole and hippo

The Director General of the Children's Hospital of Madarszsz Street, dr. According to Gyarmgy Harmat, the greatest risk in early childhood is the consumption of different drugs. Previously, it was thought that from this point of view, only sedatives and sleeping pills were a danger, because children were "consuming" them because of the colorful sugar content. Today, oral drugs and mood pills are just as dangerous. The little ones try to take in their mouth and taste everything.
"That's natural," explains dr. Harmat Gyцrgy. - One of the important sensory organs of children at this age is their mouth. They are not interested in what kind of taste they eat or drink. Acid and alkaline disinfectants can be very dangerous and can easily open yogurt. Increase the risk if stored in, for example, transferable bottles.
Highly acidic chemicals and infectious agents can cause serious oral and pharyngeal diseases. In very severe cases, the scrotum is hardened and scarred. These deaths can be life-long treatments, but can sometimes be fatal. Hippo leads, but modern, beautiful, colorful packaging cleansers also attract little ones. Acetic acid is also a serious source of danger, among which seventy percent of the potency is serious.

Dangerous Inattention

According to the children's wounds of the hospital, almost every small child falls somewhere once. According to Dr. Gyarmgy Harmat, parents are wrong to think that if the baby is laid, it will stay in one place. That's why the top of the nappy table is falling off: many parents don't make the necessary tools ahead of time. He even leaves the room when he is knocking, ringing, ringing the phone and leaving the baby alone, who can of course turn away from the desk.
According to the Director-General, parents with young children often do not detect or eliminate situations that threaten small children. They do not pay attention to the sharp table and furniture corners, the metal glass tables. This is another typical source of accidents: the baby stumbles, stumbles on the glass table, and the trouble is over. But glass fragments can kill nerves and tendons, jeopardizing the movement of the hands and feet.
In the same routine accident, when the boy is challenged, the child attacks himself, and even if he falls asleep, the problem can accumulate. Unlike small children, many parents also notice the sockets. Sometimes these children are placed at a height higher than normal, and they stop to see or get dirty, which threatens to flow. It can be said that to prevent accidents in the home of young children, they also called their site to life, which provides advice and information even when the problem is over.

Far from your dog!

"They often bring us small children who have swallowed something," adds Dr. Harmat Gyцrgy. - The "driver swallow" is swallowed up by children but also smaller games. Most of these cases are naturally lost from the body, but if they get stuck, they need to be released from the body under general anesthesia.
It is also common to swallow pieces of battery power. From this point of view, the smaller brother is in danger, because while the bigger one plays with them, the little one goes there and takes in smaller items. Serious problems can occur if these pieces become flush with the swallow. The most dangerous is the ingestion of button batteries. These are smaller bombs! They contain very strong acids and can cause serious mucous membranes of the mouth, stomach and stomach. Therefore, if they are not lost from the body, they should be removed immediately. And something else.
It is not enough to keep a dog away from small children. Our worst case nowadays is related to a dog attack. With a small child, a dog living in an apartment bitten off a two-year-old boy's scalp, ears, and a part of his face. Unfortunately, every month there is a case where the dog is actually licking a small child. The majority of dog bites are damaged wounds, scarred and difficult to heal, and difficult skin surgery is difficult.

Accident on the moon ferry

Luckily for us, there was no small child who was supported by a dog, as was the case, and no other casualties at home were needed this Sunday evening for ambulance. The three-year-old Norbi felt bruised this time that he had fallen from the moon's compass, just as the traces of Little Bianka's run-up rush were on his face.
Fortunately, X-rays do not show any distortion, no brainstorming, and no fright at the baby. After a reassuring examination, Bianka looks with interest at the stickers on the doors, showing a fun fairy tale lipstick showing the kids what is going to happen to them in that medical room…