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"Marriage is Renaissance"

In the first half of this year, the number of marriages is about 8 percent higher than a year earlier, said Katalin Novakk in Szentendre, where the Great Family Association (NOE) will meet in the fall.

According to Novak, Marriage is Renaissance (Photo: iStock)Until June this year, 24,020 couples said yes to common life, which means they live close to 200 thousand more households now than in 2010.The Secretary of State thanked the NOE, which has been working on the Hungarian family frontier for over thirty years, and thanked the young couple who expressed their willingness to share that marriage, childhood, and family founding are the most personal thing, because it is a private that has a value in community. That's why the government launched a baby-boom, home-making program - continued - and helps men and women to spend time with each other. he informed MTI that last month he had received a monthly discount of about 5,000 forints on his first home. Based on personal income tax return data, in 2018, 85,000 first-home households spared 3.3 billion forints, 2.8 billion more than in 2015.The government has rewarded children with family benefits in 2015 first house with a discountwith which Hungary, in a unique way in Europe, is helping to start a family from the beginning - reminded the secretary of state.Explanated: 24 months after marriage the young couples collectively receive a $ 5,000 monthly discount which can be claimed together with the family allowance for childbirth. The discount is good for those who have at least one household in their first household - he added. One of the important points of developing a tax awareness can be to make sure that those affected are also eligible for the tax benefit, which has been released since the month of their marriage. Hozzбtette to mнg last year's income tax bevallбsban 85 thousand elsх hбzas igйnybe took the adуkedvezmйnyt, while in 2019 only 38 thousand jъniusбban йrvйnyesнtettйk adуelхlegьkbхl the forint monthly цtezer цsszegы kцztehercsцkkentйst.Nemcsak azйrt cйlszerы you have already taken to the adуelхlegbхl igйnybe kedvezmйnyt because it can bring йrintettek tцbb pйnzt home from day to day, but also because the administrative burden has been reduced, as the tax office's draft personal income tax return will not have to be completed. to get to: just give the employer a statement on this. According to Norbert Izer, the number of people affected is not surprising, as in the case of marriages concluded after December 31, 2014, the benefit is 24 months It is a retrospective rule that the support for the first housemates is retrospectively applied in addition to the family allowance. And the measures put in place in the Family Action Plan have further expanded the potential of young marriages.
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