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"I thought I had a menopause, but I'm pregnant!"

"Older women tend to believe they can't get pregnant under a certain age," experts say. "The message of infertility and age is overly emphatic," says the British Family Planning Association.

Pregnancy instead of Klimax

Bar on the fertility line, women are always able to get pregnant in their 30s, 40s, and even 50s. The abortion rate for women aged 40-44 is the same as the intervention rate for people under the age of 16 in England and Wales. In 2008, 1,000 out of 1,000 women had abortions in the above-mentioned age groups. There are many reasons why women choose abortion, including birth defects, which are much more common in older women. "There is evidence that abortion is a big part of what patients are trying to do because they think they can't get pregnant anymore"- The Association announces. The Family Planning Association's" Imaginary "campaign warns women over the age of 35 and warns against conceiving if they do not wish to become pregnant.The message that fertility decline is increasing with age is important, but often overlooked. To hear tremendously about teenage pregnancies, "she said. Julie Bentley, the executive director of the Association. "This has taken the message of women and society saying that as age advances, fertility declines, so the chances of getting pregnant are higher at a young age." He further added, "women are not aware that a night without protection can lead to unwanted pregnancy 30, 40 or up to 50 years old. protect them from being pregnant. " In general, all methods of contraception can be used over 35 years.Highest fertility rate for women aged 30-34, 1000 out of every 1000 babies are born with a healthy baby. For women 40 and older, this ratio doubled since 1988. In 2008, 26,000 children were born in this age group, according to the National Bureau of Statistics. "Many elderly women are shocked by their unwanted pregnancy. It is assumed that the symptoms and irregular periods are due to the climateand they are shocked when they turn out to be pregnant, "he said. Emily James, a member of the British Territorial Council Service. He added, "it is extremely important that women of all ages be informed, supported, and given the right advice to decide whether to keep their pregnancy."
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