Baby's: Tips for Soothing

First of all, there is a very important thing to understand when it comes to baby crying: crying is the language of the baby and can be expressed by changing the tone and volume.


What to do if your baby is crying?

An exceptional pediatrician has identified the most "language" of fatness: it distinguishes six types of listings. Fatigue can be a sign of pain, hunger, stomachache, boredom, uncomfortable posture, or tiny sighs even when the sun is draining away excess energy. According to another group, babies are told by their parents that they are tired, scared or overly stimulated and want some peace of mind.
In the weeks after the baby arrives, the mom and dad "learn" the language of their baby, and can do the parenting between the delicate ribbons of the baby. By the time the baby reaches this age, the parent will become accustomed to the different sounds, intensity, and volume of the moan.
Still, many people admit to the principle that the little one can be left to cry for a while, because after a while he "gets tired," and then learns to soothe himself.The baby should never be left to moan, for the reason he does only we can help. For newborns, it is not worth following this method - no matter the reason - because they are capable of crying out over your face, once you are truly desperate. That's not the case. There are different stages of development, and the first is to build trust. The baby learns to care for his parents in the first few months of his life, each time he meets his needs. The baby needs our love more than anything else in the world. A baby is one of the happiest moments when a baby stops crying and may even smile when he sees us. In some cases, the baby just wants to lie in the arms of the beloved parent.
It's a good idea to reassure yourself first, because if your baby is "on full volume," you won't even remember why he or she started crying. After the first two minutes, you are buzzing, and it is much harder to calm. The vocal tone has a relaxing effect on the baby. Hugging and rocking it calms down fasterwhen our voice is low and there is a lot of repetition in the song. We do not want to scold the babybecause she's louder. If we lower our voice, they will also be silent to hear the songs better. Of course, we can sing to her even when the baby is not crying, for example in a diaper. When you get horned, you are reassured to hear a well-known tune. Part of the baby he loves ceremonial activities, a repetition of the usual things a parent can take advantage of. By reacting in the same way each time (eg rocking, singing, etc.), the baby learns what to expect and can rest at the beginning of the ceremony.
No matter how much the baby is disturbing or annoying the baby, never mind having a baby at a cool moment. The baby will not understand that this is because he / she will stop drinking and will not stop "scared", but will be much more alert. It is always better to let it cry than to get nervous. In addition, this can have serious health consequences! In the foregoing, we have noted that there are many types of rumen. We have seen countless times that upon returning home after a day's absence, our baby is seeing and beginning to feel tired. Whoever was with him in the sun would assure him that he was not in trouble all day, he didn't cry, he was happy. Then what is his sin? In this case, the baby tries to do two things: you want your parent to burn the whole day away, the other is to let us know that you are not willing to spend a day without one.
What should we do if the child is crying inconsolably, and we can't comfort him? In such cases, you should always rely on our doctor, our guardian. The person skilled in the art will be able to distinguish between medical and surgical procedures. other reasons. Serious medical problems other than fever are usually accompanied by other symptoms, but fever may be the first sign of trouble.