What can you do if your baby is windy?

The infant's immature digestive system often freezes in the brain, which can often make the baby tedious and anxious. How can you help it? We asked the pediatrician about the cause and what to do.

What can you do if your baby is windy?

Between 3-4 weeks and 3-4 months, babies cause transient complaints in almost all of them. Allergies are becoming more and more minor, so more and more people are coming to the pediatrician with internal complaints - says Dr. Ilona Nagy, the Medikids Pediatric Center is an infant and children's crib.

What can a baby be windy?

When a baby cries a lot or sucks, he swallows a lot of air, which, when taken into the digestive system, becomes "frothy" due to the intestinal fluids. And if it breaks in a bend, that foam stops, and strains the tummy the doctor explains.

How to prevent air from getting into the digestive system?

The most important thing in prevention is the baby do not swallow much air emphasizes the specialist. It is worth having a rest after the first couple of minutes, and having a little rest and then continuing the meal, so that the baby does not swallow so much after the first few minutes. For babies fed with baby bottles, care should be taken to ensure that milk or formula is difficult to come out of the bottle slowly and that the teat ends are filled with fluids and do not expel air after eating. you can get rid of it by paying off the child. It is advisable to take a longer time, 20-25 minutes, as the little ones need to learn the physique. If your boy does not want to go out, then the next meal can be a good job of massaging and exercising, especially cycling, because when you move around, it is easier to they are superlative in minutes and wake up easily if we put them in the baby bed. It's worth waiting for the little one to get to the deep sleep stage and just put it down, so you will sleep better, even if your baby is very windy, despite the above practices, you can buy it in pharmacies (Espumisan, Infacol). These agents reduce the surface tension of the fluids and hence the foam formation. It is advisable to administer the prescribed dose before or mid-meal.

Edge: only in case of end!

Looks pensive szйlcsцvet use to relieve gas leakage, but Dr. Ilona Nagy advises this only occasionally. Many babies cramp along with the rest of the muscles when losing their gas, and with the rest of the muscles that they would have to let go. If you use the stomach too often, your baby will not learn how to control his or her muscles when exercising.

Indigestion may also be the cause of gastritis

Even if you have a digestive system problem, the baby can be affected by heart disease. One of the most common disorders is lactose intolerance. tejcukorйrzйkenysйg. Breast milk contains a lot of milk sugar, and if the little one can't digest it, the bacilli in his gut start to ferment, so gas is produced. Drops containing lactase enzyme can help to solve this problem. inappropriate blueprint that is, if the lactobacilli are over-colonized in the digestive tract. This is often the case in babies born with cesarean section, who develop less of a healthy heart. Their symptoms can be reduced by appropriate probiotics. Increasingly, there is a slight malabsorption due to some type of food allergy. Many things pass into breast milk, so are the most common allergies: milk, eggs, and oilseeds, which cause allergic babies to develop inflammation of the digestive system. This is irritating to the innermost layer, which is also responsible for breaking down the milk sugar, which can lead to secondary milk sugar sensitivity. In addition, the little one cannot digest the food, which starts fermenting as gasses are formed. First of all, milk and dairy products, which can be replaced by herbal remedies, are worth leaving out. The diet should be taken very seriously, in which case the ingredients of the foods you buy must also be scrambled to avoid accidentally consuming any dairy products! If your baby complains about it, It can be carefully traced back to the diet dairy products. If your baby's condition turns bad again, milk should be completely eliminated from the diet by the age of one, and after birth you will need a gastroenterological examination. , infant allergies may be a part of the baby. Milk allergies are small in 50-70% your complaints disappear once a year, and it is possible to introduce dairy products into the diet.
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