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What does children's intelligence depend on?

The concept of intelligence is very rich as the manifestations of intelligence can be extremely colorful. One part is coveted, but one part can be upgraded - and there are only a few things to keep in mind.

Educational experts say that it is generally possible to say that the ability to process information is best reflected in the concept of intelligence, which facilitates learning, understanding, instruction, and problem solving. On the other hand, intelligence affects so many details of everyday behavior.

Gay and the environment

The Blasting counts a lot in this, but the environmental effects are not negligible either. Successive generations are often observed to perform better on intelligence tests, and this may be because the two determinants are more closely related: higher IQ, inspire them), so they often gain higher skills, and in the meantime, develop their abilities that influence intelligence. Correspondingly, their children are less likely to give more to the groom than they are at the level of education - and this goes on through the generations. these should not be given special attention - especially if your child is severely retarded or has an unexpected early age. According to experts, it is more important to think about the tests when thinking about how eager the child is, how much he / she enjoys his / her role and learning, and whether he / she is happy with them.

Food and games

The formability of intelligence also includes ensuring that children have adequate nutrition that is healthy and rich in the brain and whole body, even when they are still in their mothers' minds. that parents often use, because they are the foundation of our child-rearing culture: common fairytale readingor if we can assure the child that try something musical instruments (be it the simplest ringtone or any other device capable of producing sound). Minйl more active and more interesting (that is, we live in color, giving exciting sounds, moving the imagination in form and substance) jбtйkbetter than that - but you don't have to try to get all the excitement of a single player.Active and interesting games for the little ones are worth choosing According to observations, intelligence development helps a family environment where they talk a lot, really listen to each other, where they listen, read, and spend their free time actively and variedly.

Successes and failures

Gaining experience in early childhood counted a lot in brain development, so let's try to rich repertoire of activities to ensure it is for the children - it is more important than trying to give them good, clear knowledge (facts, data). And it is very important that not only praise success, result, but also interest, rumination, effortbecause then you will not go out of the way of repeating the kids. and it is not necessary to praise the success achieved again and againbecause we can give them the false impression that they will always succeed (even effortlessly). As children grow older, free games (roles, skills, but even mud in the sandbox) can be very useful, as are sports and music education, because they are playful and require concentration and discipline, so they can develop their learning skills. Just note that a select activities appropriate to the children's specific interestrather than trying to force our own insight.The following games are visible: Fisher-Price Beat-Bo robot