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Baby Care Award - CSED 2016

The Infant Care Award (CSED) is the "legal successor" of the Pregnancy and Childbirth Assistance (TGYБS). What you need to know about roula? When can I claim what amount can be counted?

CSED - What do you need to know about baby care?

There is a monthly 24-month care insurance contract, which can be claimed by a mother who has been insured twice a year for 365 days before the birth and
  • during the term of the insurance, either the insurance is terminated within forty-five days, or
  • the insurance shall cease during the forty-two days following the cessation of an accident, and within the twenty-eight days following the cessation of the insurance.
  • Incidental allowance, CSED, child care allowance (GYED) - other than diploma GIED -, rehabilitation or care, and a minimum of 180 years of upper secondary education or higher are included in the 365 days.
    Entitlement to the baby care fee is granted at the earliest on the day of the child's birth or, in the case of a premature child, on the first day of parental leave.

    When can I claim and how long is CSED coming?

    Continuation of the baby care fee from the 28th day before childbirth to the 168th day after childbirth (24 weeks), except in the case of premature babies who may require the day of birth. All of the above mentioned mothers are eligible for Child Care Dnj (GYED). It is important to emphasize that GEDs cannot be flushed until CSEDs have come to an end;
    If the parent is in earning any relationship other than the parent, the baby care fee will not be paid (this does not include copyright royalties or personal income tax-free royalties). You can also claim benefits from a sole proprietor.
    In addition to the mother, the father of the blood is entitled to a baby care fee in the event that the mother is not married to the child for health reasons and has died, and the recipient is also a dependent child.

    What is the amount of the baby care prize?

  • The amount of the childcare allowance is 70% of the average gross daily wage earned in the pre-natal period, with the deduction of personal income tax only.
  • If you have 180 calendar days 'income counted back from the last day of the third day preceding the start of your baby care day - insurance policy - you will receive a CSED based on that 180 days' income. In the event that the insurance period is not continuous: Income before interruption is not taken into account.
  • If the insured person does not have 180, only 120 calendar days' income counted back from the last day of the third month preceding the start of the CSED, but is entitled to at least 180 days of continuous insurance, based on your daily earning income.
  • If the daily fund is not available according to the previous two points, the daily fund will be thirty times the legal minimum on the first day of eligibility (currently HUF 111,000).
  • If the insured person's daily income is less than one-thirtieth of the minimum wage, the insured person's actual income is taken into account when determining the amount of the CSED. In the absence of actual income, the contractual income must be taken into account, so that the daily fund base may not exceed one-thirtieth of the legal minimum on the starting day of eligibility!

  • How do I apply for a baby care gift?

  • The parent must fill out the "Declaration for baby care declaration" form, which can be downloaded here.
  • You can also apply for a self-employed, midwifery, self-employed application by clicking on the "Applying for sickness benefit, baby care, child care benefit, accidental sickness benefit" form here.

  • The form (after completion) must be submitted to the workplace, but if the employer is terminated without legal status or if the sole proprietor is seeking employment, the application must be submitted to the relevant government office of residence.
    You will need to include a copy of your baby's birth certificate, your medical certificate, or your child's birth certificate (s). In the case of the adoption of a baby, a decision on the adoption of the birth shall be attached.
    In the case of a job seeker, the decision on the status of the company / job search support or the suspension of the continuation of the employment shall be noted; and, in the case of students, the idea of ​​the lesson or a certificate of the time of study. The "Income Certificate for Health Insurance Claim" form should be retained if the claimant has ceased to be insured, and the health insurance certificate is also required.
    CSED can be claimed up to a maximum of 6 months, so the first day may be at most the first day of the sixth month counted down from the requesting day.
    More information on OEP.
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