Baby Care Prize - CSED 2018

The Infant Care Award, or CSED, is used to supplement income loss associated with childbirth. Calculating the amount of baby care premiums involved is a bit more complicated to calculate, but we'll help you out with this and the demanding process.

Baby Care Prize - CSED 2018

An insurance relationship is required

CSED is a cash benefit for the duration of your maternity leave, which is linked to an insurance relationship, and is a benefit for a woman who has been insured for 365 days a year before her childbirth. Egyйb kцvetelmйny to the child for the duration of the biztosнtбs the biztosнtбs megszыnйsйt kцvetх belьl 42 days, or 42 days biztosнtбs megszыnйsйt kцvetхen tъl tбppйnz folyуsнtбsбnak accident during the period, or 28 days folyуsнtбs megszыnйsйt kцvetх belьl szьksйges valу szьlessen.A csecsemхgondozбsi dнjra jogosultsбghoz elхzetes The 365 days insurance period need not be continuous and should be included in the preliminary 365 days insurance period
- the amount of time spent on insurance and social security benefits, as well as on the coverage of these services by statutory insurance,
- accident insurance, infant care allowance, child care allowance are paid on time,
- 180 days of full-time study at a secondary or higher education establishment,
- as well as the time of the rehab rides, the rehabilitation benefit also changes.As a change in the baby care fee, from 1 January 2018 the expectant father will be able to live in a more legitimate situation.

How long does CSED take?

The mother is entitled to 24 weeks of maternity leave, of which at least two weeks are required, and the child-care allowance is for the duration of the maternity leave. The entitlement to a maternity allowance for a parent of a child shall commence at least on the first day of childbirth, and in the case of an early child. In addition, if the child is cared for in an institution for the care of premature infants, the child may be considered for childbirth, die on the 15th day after the death, or on the day after the child is placed out of the household.

Not based on last month's bar

The CSED цsszegйnek megбllapнtбsбnбl not kalkulбlnak the utolsу monthly bйreddel, but also to the day kйpest, amikortуl vennйd the tбmogatбst igйnybe, visszaszбmolnak 3 hуnapot, йs the ettхl szбmolt the naptуl visszafelй 180 naptбri daily jцvedelem бllapнtjбk the csecsemхgondozбsi dнjat into vйtelйvel if the biztosнtбsi If there is no 180 calendar day income during this period, but at least 120 calendar days a day, the baby care fee is based on this consideration. If you do not have 120 days' income, your CSED status will be based on twice the legal minimum wage, unless your actual earnings are lower than that. currency entitlement up to the first day of the calendar year preceding the beginning of the calendar year. However, you do not have to pay health insurance and retirement benefits after the baby care fee.

How do you get it?

An application for a baby care gift can be made by filling in a form entitled "Declaration of Baby Care Cost Statement" to the insured person. If the employer has ceased to exist without your legal right, then the competent office of the former employee shall be the Office of the Health Insurance Fund, the County Administrative Office of the County and the X. Must be filed with the District Office. Attached to the application
- if you are applying for CSED after the termination, or if you are applying for cash benefits for the first time and you have had more than two years of continuous insurance, you have a "Proof of insurance"
- if the csecsemхgondozбsi dнjat igйnyli vйr of the child's father or цrцkbefogadу, because of szьlх or цrцkbefogadу nх egйszsйgi бllapota kikerьl the hбztartбsbуl, the "Declaration csecsemхgondozбsi dнj megбllapнtбsбhoz" nyomtatvбnyt, йs the egйszsйgьgyi szolgбltatу errхl szуlу nyilatkozatбt,
- or if the szьksйges jogosultsбg megбllapнtбsбhoz the igazolбst with kцzйp- or felsхfokъ oktatбsi intйzmйnyben tanulmбnyok idejйrхl.Ha the ellбtбst the szьlйs napjбtуl igйnyled tбrsadalombiztosнtбsi kifizetхhelynйl only, then the child should szьletйsi anyakцnyvi kivonatбnak mбsolatбt also mellйkelned the kйrelemhez.

When can you wait for the flow?

After your first appointment and check-in, the baby care fee should be paid once a month afterwards - by mail or by bank transfer, as desired. In all cases, you must receive your CSED by the 10th of the month following the current month, but no later than the payday.Related articles on Family Benefits:
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