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Why do most babies get pregnant in December?

9 percent of babies will be pregnant in December - a rate higher than any other month. This can be attributed to partying and increased alcohol consumption, but it is also known that we may eat more brussels sprouts.

Kelp is ranked high on the list of the most unpopular foods - partly because of its bitter taste, and partly because of its negative experience in starters. However, according to a recent study, it is worth consuming regularly, not just during the holidays. However, greenery is full of folic acid, which promotes fertility, and reduces the risk of birth defects and birth defects. During the holidays, the most unfortunate kelp is also on the table.

Great kid's food for brussels sprouts

"Believe it or not, this green is a kid-friendly super. First and foremost, it contains folic acid, which is the key to both male and female fertility. it is also a danger of miscarriages and birth defects, "Savvides explained.
In addition, kelp has a so-called di-indolymethane. It is a plant-based compound, or phytonutrient, that promotes the proper use of estrogen in women's body. By attaching to environmental estrogen, it contributes to the body's release of excess hormones, thereby increasing the likelihood of conception. The kelp is still believed to lower cholesterol levels and further has an anti-inflammatory effect.