Asking About Intimate Parts Of Your Baby That You Dare Not Put On

Infants have questions about their intimate body parts in all moms, but many are simply too eager to put them on. However, it is much better to ask them than not to have important information.

Requests About Intimate Parts Of Your Baby That You Dare Not Put On (Fotу: iStock)We have brought some common questions and their answers in this topic.

It looks like the baby has an erection. Is this normal?

The baby may have erections occasionally, but as Molly O'Shea told the pediatrician, this is not caused by sensations related to sexuality before puberty. "It's a perfectly normal thing for a baby to indicate that your body is working properly," the pediatrician explained. The penis of little boys usually stiffens when the tissues are filled with blood, for example, when changing diapers or when you really need to pee.

Is it normal for my baby to grab his or her intimate parts?

Thinking about the baby's sexual organs as much as any other part of the body - at a time when the child is trying to discover the world around him or her by tactile touch, it is perfectly normal to grasp all body parts. - The baby's genitalia are usually in diapers, so when changing diapers, bathing often happens that they try to experience what things the pelus hides said Jessica Kaplan, a baby kitten.

Occasionally, the baby's vagina is also attached to the vagina. Is this very dangerous?

The sleeve is anatomically designed to be able to protect the internal parts. If it is accidentally soiled, it should be simply wiped off with a damp cloth. It is important that you cancel this section from the front. If the damp cloth is not warm enough, wash it off with lukewarm water.

Need to put my foreskin back? How do I clear this section?

When the baby is born, the foreskin is completely attached to the glans, but begins to separate spontaneously after a few months. This is when cleansing can begin. If the baby does not stop divorcing by the age of 1-2 years, it is not a problem, as there are some who are slow. You should clean the foreskin on a daily basis when you can carry it back, always pushing it as far down as you can to ease the baby's pain. Do not force the backing, as it can cause cracking, which results in scarring or fitymaszыkьlet it can be. If the foreskin is not properly cleaned, it may cause white fat deposits to form underneath it, and the smog, which can cause inflammation and infection (VIA).Related links: