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Possible causes of baby crying

Babies are crying. Lots of times and lots of reasons. If they are hungry, if they feel pain, if they are afraid, if they are tired and so on. Otherwise they can't communicate with us.

At, we have collected the most common causes that babies have.


This is probably the first thing we think of when we start to get fat. It is worth noting what other signs suggest that when they are hungry, for example, newborn babies are putting small hands in their mouths.

A dirty diaper

There are babies who growl as soon as something goes into the pelus, with a loud cry that they need to be replaced now. There are, of course, some little ones who have been waiting patiently for a while to wonder if something is completely wrong. Be that as it may, those are among the pains that are easy to remedy.


We would think that babies are very lucky, because they can fall asleep anywhere, anytime. In fact, it's not that simple, it's much harder for them than we might think. And if the babies are too tired, they cry.

Take it in your arms!

The little ones adore the décolleté as we rock them in our arms. They like to see our face, feel our scent, listen to our heartbeat. And if you think you have no other way to be that close to us, then you should order.


Bloating, rabbit, and the rest, if the tummy is not all right, the baby will suffer extremely. Of course, this is bad for us too, as being a parent is little more painful than seeing and hearing that your child is suffering and unable to help.

You have to pay

The babies, involuntarily and inadvertently, swallow air during breastfeeding, which also causes them discomfort. If you shit, maybe it's your problem that you haven't paid for yourself!

It's too cold, it's too hot

Perhaps in the midst of a diaper, when you take off your clothes, you feel the little one cool, and what else can you express with dislike?

Something rough

It is easy for your baby to be overly sensitive, and even the smallest detail can be so uncomfortable for him that he will shave. This could be the title of your waistcoat, which filters your neck.


Routine moms can tell you a lot about the period of toothache. For most babies (and parents), it can be a joy, for the little ones, when the teeth are able to penetrate the tender baby. There are some who wear it better, of course, but they tend to bother you. The first teeth appear between the 4th and 7th of the month.

Less external stimuli!

The little ones can react very sensitively to the world around them, so that the light, the noise, or even the large crowd can hardly bear with them.

More external stimuli!

The opposite can also happen, because the impatient environment is not liked by all babies, and is often mood dependent. And yes, it might be exactly that.

He doesn't feel good

If basic needs are met and you still do not stop lamenting, you may have a disease in the background of sobbing. Believe in your asthma, see a doctor if you feel like this is so much like the rest, because it may be really more trouble!
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