Are they born and will they lose weight by March?

One of the main reasons for the excess nutrition given in the early days of life is the loss of the newborn and the mother's lack of milk. Do you really need to spend that much?

Are they born and will they lose weight by March?

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Free to lose weight?

Usually normal, that is Physiology is considered to be a weight loss equal to or less than one week of birth weight, which should stop for the third to fourth day, and after one or two days of stagnation, one and then two deca increments daily. So a good suckling newborn must return to birth weight by the tenth day at the latest. if the baby's weight exceeds the birth weight by ten percent despite the fact that breastfeeding practice is good (breastfeeding at least 10-12 times or more frequently) and breastfeeding is effective. From the beginning, breastfeeding should help the mother in a personalized way and look carefully at the causes of losing more than seven percent.

Isn't milk shortage a sin?

However, a study published in the International Breastfeeding Journal suggested that some newborns' weight loss may be another reason. According to Canadian researchers, it may not be because of the lack of breast milk that the birth weight is reduced, but because the little one controls his own water supply. for the newborn birth weight, or for the later weight loss. Observers have shown that newborn babies whose mothers received fluids during childbirth were more likely to lose weight and to lose more weight than those who had less than one day. " like others, although in the first few days no one consumes too much breast milk, " Joy Noel-Weiss professor at the University of Ottawa. - "The reason seems to be that newborn babies who have been given a lot of fluids through their mothers in the first 24 hours of life after birth they are reluctant to regulate their own water financesand that is why they are losing their hole. "

What is the solution?

The professor added that in the light of the above, it would be worth considering that the weight at 24 o'clock instead of the birth weight should be a starting point for the newborn, as well as for the loss of that weight.

Is it harder to breastfeed after a cup?

Ren Ungta W. Ungváry Breastfeeding Specialist IBCLC: Professor Joy Noel-Weiss's statement seems to be true in the case of mothers-to-be. In general, it is believed that after cesarean section, there is less milk intake and more breastfeeding difficulty. In reality, however, the date of lactation is not influenced by the method of birth. Other factors associated with surgery, on the other hand, play a more prominent role in the more frequent hardships. infant weight loss may be increased following maternal fluid infusion, so they get paid first. In addition, infections tend to cause the mother to have swollen nipples, which makes it difficult for the newborn to get the nipple well. This can lead to wounding which may also inhibit proper breastfeeding due to pain.Other useful articles in this topic:
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