Has the baby had a baby? You can help with homeopathy!

Infant stomach cancer can have many causes. With homeopathy you can achieve very good results and it is worth trying.

At home, homeopathic remedies may help

However, a few things need to be carefully considered to choose the right homeopathic remedies. Important information such as when your baby cries before or after eating. Is there a time of day when you usually cry back? What are your eating habits: suck slowly, calmly, or rather mohn, breathing too much air? Can you spare after eating? Are you likely to fail afterwards or later? What's your pet? Are you prone to constipation? What do the complaints alleviate: exercise, massage, massage, warmth? After observing the characteristic symptoms, one can choose from the following agents:

Chamomilla vulgaris

The baby restless, sharp sigh, screams. It can only be soaked in its arms and rocked. Status is worse in the evening. Often one half of the face is red and warm. Its growth can be green, splenic.


If the baby has an abdominal bloat, this will be exacerbated by the meals consumed by the mother. Between 16 and 20 hours complaints may increase significantly. The Lycopodium baby takes parents almost all day, and wants to be on the go.

Magnesium phosphoricum

Suddenly, she listens the baby is relieved of the pain that periodically recurs by flexing the little legs and bending them to the tummy.

Magnesium carbonicum

If mom is a lot drank cow's milkand this causes minor diarrhea and diarrhea, possibly with a sour smell on the stomach.


If the baby suddenly cries, and immediately He pulls himself together. If your complaints ease when you massage your baby's tummy, your feet are bent over your belly, laid on your stomach, and kept warm.

Dioscorea villosa

Sudden onset, sharp, periodically recurs painful spasms which tighten, tighten on the back, or relieve the massaging of the back. The baby's small spine is as stiff as a stick. The bloating is reduced to a back mass.

Nux vomica

If your baby is mohawn, eager to breastfeed, swallows a lot of air, which causes the belly to stop soon after eating. In this case, dühцsen sнr. Frequent constipation is also common.


Nausea pain develops all of a sudden, in the early evening or in small dunes. The baby's face angry blood, loudly. (Discore does not bleed out.) Give the drug a round bullet until it improves. For babies, the balls can be administered dissolved in a little water. Three or more doses should improve your condition. Recommended potency for drug use: 9 CH, recommended for Chamomilla is 15 CH potency. If there is no immediate effect, it is worth trying again, but instead of a long trial, you should seek the advice of a homeopathic doctor.


Suddenly, periodic recurring noduleswhich lean back and massage into the back.

+1 Tip

Magnesium phophoricum Schüssler's can be added to rabies using "hot seven": dissolve 5-10 tablets in boiling water and water slightly with water.