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Successfully selected head-to-head Siamese twins

The Hungarian Doctors of the Served Foundation have successfully selected Bangladeshi Siamese twins.

Successfully selected head-to-head Siamese twinsCancer Selected Surgery - The Risk of Brain and Skull Separation More Than 30 Ovaries - The Dhaka Central Military Hospital (HMC) has a local medical history of 35 years.
The Hungarian Medical Team of the Foundation was called upon in 2017 after 15 years of domestic and 7 years of missionary activity. Rabeya йs Rukaya szйtvбlasztбsбra.
The first phase of a series of operations called "Operation Freedom" by Hungarian design and construction in Dhaka in the first phase Hudb Istvn with a head endovascular method, the middle cerebral carapaceous segment was selected. The second - plastic surgery - phase, during which the implanted and implanted special implant system of Hungarian design was gradually implemented, in Budapest Gergely Pataki with the leader. The third phase of the sequence was the final separation Csуkay Andrбs The condition of the twins is stable, but the events are possible - conscious. In addition to creating a better life for two 3-year-olds, they are also of scientific importance because they open the door to new treatment options.
  • The Siamese twins will have their final selection soon
  • Only Hungarian doctors engaged in the selection of Siamese twins
  • A revolutionary Hungarian designer implant helped the twins