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Is the child often sick? It can also cause it

It is not uncommon for children to get sick up to 5-6 times in the autumn-winter period: sore throat, nettle-rash, cough, and possibly fever.

Is the child often sick? It can also cause it

In this case, parents should also consider that the air in the living room or nursery can contribute to common illnesses.

Are you allergic or sick?

Preschoolers spend 9-10 hours a day or more in their room, injected during the night air quality that is why it is important to be appropriate - emphasize dr. Somogyi Йva infant and pediatric crib, pediatric crib, doctor at the Buda Allergy Center. According to the doctor, it is the presence of airborne allergies in particular that causes the problem. "The constant presence of allergies irritates the mucous membrane, causing it to cause inflammation that is persistent. In this condition, the mucous membrane is much drier, unable to play its proper protective role, it makes it easier for moles to get into the body. "

Allergies in the apartment

She lives primarily in the dwelling during the winter period hбziбllatok they can cause symptoms, and if the humidity is higher than ideal during the heat season, the house dust mites and molds will also increase because the high humidity is conducive to their reproduction - warns dr. Somogyi Йva. "It is worth thinking about allergies if the child in the home often complains of cough, wheezing, or nasal congestion, runny nose. hбziporatka the main diet is the fallen human brain, so the symptoms occur mainly in the night, in the mind. House dust mite can also cause skin sensitization in sensitive individuals. It is also worth examining if your child shows signs of exertion or exacerbation of eczema. "

Hidden shelters

In case of dust mite allergy, regular rinsing of bedding, larvae at temperatures of 60-90 degrees can reduce symptoms. Only a smaller washable play mat should be placed in the nursery. He was against the house dust mite with thorough and regular cleaning we can fight it, but in the case of mold, the situation is not that simple - emphasizes dr. Somogyi Йva. Mold often appears on the colder, northern walls of homes, corners, bridges, or bathrooms, with baths, showers, and tiles meeting. Also check out the area around doors, windows, tiles for houseplants, villages, cabinets on the north wall!

Low or high humidity?

In addition to allergies, other factors can predispose to illness. We mentioned that a high humidity favorable allergies appear, but it is not fortunate if the air in the apartment is too dry. Room air its ideal humidity is 40-60 percent, we measure the parameters, ъn. hygrometer with help possible. In some areas, typically in paneled flats, overheating can cause the humidity in the air to diminish, and the hot, dry air can flush out the airways. It is worth trying to counteract this by using handy clothes, but it may be a good idea to spread your washed clothes occasionally in the room.