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The overall effects of the droplet

The droplet was more like a drop of water or a small bucket. The hanging device allows children to swing, spin, drop out, rock, as the movement improves the nervous system.

The overall effects of the dropletA drip or other name drip is effective in developing the child's nervous system. It is not accidentally called the sensory swing in English because it is a versatile and effective tool for sensory integration therapy (Ayres therapy).

If you are bothered with sensing

Sensory integration is nothing more than using and organizing sensed information. Stimuli can come from inside or outside: it's warm, it's noise, I'm thirsty, and so on. - these stimuli are sensed and ordered by the child through sensory motor integration, which enables him to use his body properly. If this sensation is good, useful, and previous experiences can be learned, then you can give the right answer to the stimuli. When this the sensation broke, then there is a need for sensory integration therapy.

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Children who have sensory integration disorders cannot integrate and respond to the stimuli that are sensory to them, lack great and subtle movements, are unsteady, have a low sense of balance, the symptoms can be very diverse. Sensory integration therapy - also known as Ayres therapy, Anna Jean Ayres psychologist, after the development of therapy - the main characteristic that the child Live by the way. One of the most effective and versatile tools of therapy is the drop price.

What's the drop price on everything?

At first, it looks like a simple, water drop swing where a child can go out, rock, swing back and forth, spin, or just calm down. However, with these movements, the child "develops" himself, his own moving between learn how to control yourself There is no violence, the child is controlled here, the therapist is just an outsider, "he says. Forstreuter KatalinDrop swing is primarily vestibular, ie stimulates an equilibrium system It can be used from 2-3 years. Because the drop swarm embraces the body, it also provides a tactile stimulus. Nervous system excitability can be stimulated by equilibrium and other sensory organs, thereby helping to organize the sensed information. Drop swinging - rotating swinging - improves equilibrium, but it also improves the learning of patterns. most of all help with development. Thanks to the shape of the drop swing, it offers a good feeling of relaxation, relaxation, rocking, safety. But because of its movement you can lure it to spin, rotate, twist, fold. "Many are in the fetal pose in the drop, cumming their fingers; from spinning, twisting, rocking, spinning, and relaxing, relaxing, quiet and relaxed. exacerbates nervous retardationand the child knows exactly what he or she needs. "That is why a therapist can be just as good a therapy developer tool as a hyperactive child. last but not least, the drop price is a really playful, fun and fun activity for everyone.Related articles on Child Development:
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