Is chocolate effective for coughing?

Chocolate lovers know that heavenly grace does an excellent job of relieving cold sores.

Is chocolate effective for coughing?Alyn Morice American professor, who is a real nemzetkцzileg recognized szaktekintйly the lйgzхszervi megbetegedйsek йs kцhцgйscsillapнtбs terйn, the Daily Mail en appeared cikkйben it нrja to csillapнtja the kцhцgйst the csokolбdй hatйkonyabban as tartalmъ codeine kцhцgйscsillapнtу syrups, as kйpez vйdхrйteget the throat, which уvja the "The viscosity of the molten chocolate helps to reduce the cough contained in chocolate to contact the throat and soothe Professor".

What about hot chocolate?

Do hot chocolates have similar "side effects"? Yeah, but unfortunately not. The pleasantly sweet week does not have the time to act on the nerves in the throat when consumed in the form of a drink. According to Professor Morice, it is better to suck on a small piece of black chocolate (!) Slowly so that it has time to cover our throats.

Don't expect the healing to happen

If you want to ease your child's cough, you may occasionally get a small piece of black chocolate, but don't expect it to heal. And overnight, let's not give it some sweetness, because the caffeine and theobromine it contains also have a powerful shimmer effect on the chocolate (article source)Related articles in this topic:
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