Seed quality will improve the quality of semen

Regular consumption of bone-in seeds can improve sperm quality, a new study reported by BBC News reported.

Seed quality will improve sperm quality According to research, for men who have consumed two handfuls of almonds, hazelnuts or diy 14 days a day, their sperm quality and gametes have become more active.The researchers were interested in the research because it is widely used in the Western world. a decrease in men's sperm countas part of the air pollution, smoking, and nutrition However, there is increasing evidence that a healthy diet can improve fertility. One week you are having a baby with childbirth, the infertility of these cases can be attributed to men in 40-50 percentThe researchers involved randomized 119 healthy men over 18 and 35 years into two groups. One group for daily routine 60 grams of almonds, hazelnuts and mixes They are given. The other group did not receive such an addition to their schedule. At the end of the experiment, scientists found that in the group that consumed seeds, sperm count increased by 14 percentgerm cell vitality was 4 percent, movement was 6 percent better, and sperm size and shape was improved by 1 percent. According to experts, improves fertility. And seeds also contain a lot of nutrients among them. Albert Salas-Huetos student at Rovira i Virgili University in Spain.
However, researchers have pointed out that the men in the experiment were healthy and productive, it is unclear whether the results of the research may be true for a wider population, including men with fertility problems.Allan Pacey, an andrologyist at the University of Sheffield who did not take part in the study, pointed out that it is conceivable that the male group under study also had other positive changes that were not considered in the study.Virginia BoltonA clinical embryologist consultant at Guy's Hospital in London said the results of the study were "theoretically interesting," but it is impossible to see how consuming seeds increases the chance of conception. He added that as long as the request is clear, patients do well if they do not drink alcohol, stop smoking and have a healthy diet.Related Articles - Male Productivity: