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When taken to the skin - The formation of the skin

Bones and their connections, the development of business are inseparable. They are hand in hand - parallel or consecutive. Businesses collect their bones about…

When taken to the skin - The formation of the skin

When it's not there yet finger under the sun

The development of real business can begin even when there are no distinct bones or fingerprints in the limbs. Initially, the cartilage of the limbs is completely intertwined, the fingers being projected by the cartilage forming the finger rays. The easy way to get around, or the business between your fingers, is to create afterwards, separating the bones that make up the limbs.

30 week embryo hand

In the case of the upper limb, at the 7th, at the 8th, at the lower part of the bone, three distinct layers of cells appear first at the site of the prospective business. In the middle layer more and more cartilage cells appear which are obliterated fibroblast cells. (Fibroblasts nyъlvбnyos or orsу alakъ cells of the vesicular kцtхszцvetekre йs the embrionбlis kцtхszцvetre the mezenchimбra also jellemzхk. Legfхbb task to kцtхszцveti fibers йs the йs kцtх- tбmasztуszцvetek produce alapбllomбnyбt kйpezх agents (e. HA).) This rйgiуjбt The leendх нzьlet it is called an interzone or an intermediate zone, and it designates the later business section. In the middle, the number of fibroblast cells begins to decrease; they disappear or are programmed to die from apoptosis, so that only the fibers and the cell-free layer of the substances that interstitiate between the tissues are left here. The two layers are the so-called chondrogine zuna; It produces glass cartilage and participates in the formation of the brain cartilage that protects bone diseases. The ossification from the nucleus of the ossification in the epiphysis does not significantly alter this cartilage.

Why aren't they bleeding and why aren't you sick?

Just remember what we said when developing long tubular bones in the extremities: at the end of the epiphyses, ossification is incomplete. On the bone surface, a fibrous fibrous tissue is retained in a 1-8 mm thick layer, since the cartilage starts, ъn. perichondral ossification never extends to the surface of the cartilage, so that it can subsequently produce the necessary superficiality of the bones. That's why they are cartilage in the stores he has no cartilage, which feeds, nourishes. This will be the task of the synovial fluid. Temporarily, during its formation, blood vessels may still be present, but they will be absorbed sooner. No nerves in it, which explains why malfunctioning businesses do not bite immediately, but much less when deformity is already extensive. In the cartilage or osteoarthritis, there are only free nerves that sense the pain.

The formed cartilage

What is the tissue that is not covered by blood vessels and is only lubricated by the fluids in the business, nurtures? The cartilage is made up of cells, namely cartilage cells and intercellular conditions (so-called matrixbools), which are characteristic of the supporting tissues. The intercellular state is made up of collagen fibers and other substances that form the basis of the cell.In real business, glass cartilage, also known as hyaline cartilage talбlhatу. The Hungarian name can be attributed to the fact that it is a translucent, blue-colored fabric, while hyaline refers to an important material of the base. We don't care much if we think of the roast chicken leg, which is popular and sucked by many, and has a slightly different appearance when cooked and cooked. In the cartilage, relatively little collagen fiber is found, which is called chondroitin sulfate. Because of this, the fibers cannot be traced under the light microscope, so the tissue is completely translucent. in fact, by the same token, the principle is much the same, and the principle is largely the same: a part of the mesenchymal cartilage model is ossified from the ossification points that develop at certain points, and the remaining cartilage becomes fibrous.

Glass woven fabric

Chondrocytes make up less than 1 percent by volume of tissue. But its water content is quite high, about 90% at birth, which decreases with age. The adult cartilage contains only 40% of water in the cartilage. Its condition consists of white and proteoglycans (chondroitin sulfate, hyaluronic acid). These materials adjбk cartilage nyomуszilбrdsбgбt large, and this can folytбn megvйdeni the csontvйgeket erхteljes the mechanical behatбsoktуl.A cartilage kollagйn rosttartalmбnak kцszцnheti hъzуszilбrdsбgбt.A valуdi нzьletek the capsule нzьletkйpzйsben rйsztvevх kйt bone folytatбsa, alapvetхen vйgtatokat about the cartilaginous model elхrajzolу porchбrtyбjбbуl formed csonthбrtyбjбnak бt . Synovial fluid, a high-protein-like fluid with minimal cellular content similar to blood serum, is filtered through the inner layer. Some of the whites also have anti-infective properties. The fluid provides microbial and mechanical protection, suppresses cartilage supply, and reduces friction when cartilage surfaces are mixed.

Movement without distortion

The form of business genetically determined, but its final shape is only due to the use and the load, so it develops after birth, similar to the bones. In general, the thickness of the cartilage of the brain increases proportionally with the load. If smaller and then older children do not have sufficient mobility, their business will not develop properly.
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