The first hour counts a lot if you are breastfeeding

Mothers who can hold their baby in their arms during the postpartum period are 50 percent more likely to breastfeed successfully six months later, according to a recent study.

Take advantage of the Golden Horse and suckle your baby

Arroul is the first "golden lamb" when the baby is put on his mother's belly and so the baby comes into contact with the mother's breast. Not only will the mother-child relationship be closer, but nutrition will also be more effective in the long run: as it turned out, mothers who have had an early onset of life will be 64 days old. continue to breastfeedlike those whose child goes to the incubator after childbirth. "These babies they are less exposed to stress, the stability of the heart and the mood, since the newborn during breastfeeding relies primarily on her olfaction when trying to suckle. After childbirth, the stress will be crippled and lethargic, so it's worth putting it inside the mummy's chest, "says lead researchers. Elizabeth Moore, a researcher at Vanderbilt University. The Cochrane Review team (one of the most accepted organizations in the industry) analyzed 46 previous studies involving a total of 3,850 women and children. Based on a comparative analysis, it was found that the first male - the Golden Horse - mothers were 50 percent more likely to breastfeed at six months after birth.